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Chapter 112

112,1. When Adam had calmed down again and everything was back to the old order, Adam said, "Children, I'm tired, and my limbs are yearning for rest; therefore I will go to bed. And you, Uranion, can show myself and Eva to our room!

112,2. But you children may stay up as long as you want and you do not need to bind yourself to me; but first receive my father blessing!"

112,3. Here Adam blessed all his children and then went with Eva to rest.

112,4. And when he barely was lying down on the most comfortable bed in the large dwelling of Uranion, behold, Purista, Muthael and two strangers entered the hut of Uranion and the whole company who was still gathered there, was very happy about that.

112,5. But when Adam, resting on a raised stand, noticed the unexpected joyful excitement in the deep background where he left the company behind, he said to himself: "What has happened now? I hear greetings from all sides! Something extraordinary must have happened!

112,6. If I now get up to see what it is, I appear as if I was full of curiosity, - and if I'm not going the agitation will surely afflict me the whole night and my limbs will get only a little rest!

112,7. The joy is increasing, is becoming louder and the circle of my children is becoming more joyful! - No, no, this I can’t stand! At least I want to secretly get on to my feet and have a look what’s happening!"

112,8. Here, Adam rose from his bed; but Eva asked him what he wanted to do now. And he told her about the joyfulness children - and that he needed to see the reason for it.

112,9. But Eva said: "So let them be joyful in the name of the Lord but we stay where we are; otherwise it will come out that we are even nosier than little children!

112,10. If there is something to it, we'll learn about it soon enough, and if there is nothing to it, we also do not need to know about it; but the Lord's will is always and ever perfectly ours!"

112,11. Adam was halfway satisfied thereby and remained on his bed.

112,12. But finally flares were lit, which were made from pitch and wax of the finest and most well smelling kind; and songs of praise resounded from all sides and it became so bright in the hut as if it was daylight.

112,13. This was of course too much for the patience Adam regarding his curiosity and he said to Eva: "Sleep is now out of the question in anyway! I have to get up and see what the children are doing!"

112,14. But the Eva said: "See, how long will it be until dawn?! You need a few hours rest for your health; you then may get up and investigate everything!

112,15. How will it be when the day comes and the Lord will call us away from this earth? Will the curiosity in the spirit also draw us back to the world and to our children when they enter into all kinds of frenzy?"

112,16. These words of Eva held Adam again back in bed and he surrendered to the wisdom of his wife.

112,17. However, the hut gradually began to fill and it became increasingly more alive and brighter.

112,18. But now Adam could no longer be restrained.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-112 Chapter