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Chapter 113

113,1. Also this time did Eva tried to hold Adam back but Adam said to her: "Listen to me, woman! If I remain and the Lord himself has come to the children, what then? Should we then keep on resting too?"

113,2. And Eva said: "Yes, if the Lord is among the children, then there is no time to rest, neither by day nor at night; and I also will rise and go with you immediately and not wait until the morning!"

113,3. And Adam endorsed this decision of Eve and both got up and went back to the company, who very happily and lively conversing among each other.

113,4. But when Enoch noticed Adam he immediately went up to him and said: "Father Adam, we did not allow you to rest! I realized this of course but this time it is not possible otherwise!

113,5. Behold, there in the foreground sits Muthael with his wife Purista, joined by the Lord Himself!

113,6. What better can we do than to rejoice about the happiness of a child, yes in the spirit a brother, whom the Father of all holiness and love has found and lead to him the right woman at the very moment when he completely wrenched her off his heart and then sacrificed her to the Father of eternity?!"

113,7. But Adam was moved to tears by these words of Enoch and by what he saw. He therefore looked almost steadfastly at the newlyweds and blessed them very quietly in his heart.

113,8. But as he was looking to them, he also saw two foreign guests, between which the new couple was sitting and did not know from where they came.

113,9. But Enoch saw what Adam was wondering about in his heart; therefore, without being asked he said to Adam:

113,10. "Father, you are looking for the acquaintance of the strangers in you and want to know who and from where they are? But I, because I am in a most joyous mood, will tell you soon so that your heart may also pass into joy!

113,11. See, father, He who sits next to Purista is the Lord Himself! And he who sits next to Muthael, is the spirit of Zuriel, the father of Ghemela, who sits to the left of the Lord, and her Lamech beside her.

113,12. Thus you see two couples now whose children with their children will enter a new earth!"

113,13. These words of Enoch broke Adam and Eve’s heart, so that both were crying of joyful melancholy and were not able to talk.

113,14. Here the Lord got up and said: "Adam, come closer to Me!"

113,15. And Adam drew near to the Lord.

113,16. And the Lord said: "Adam, if you're going to be alone and I will come through the darkness of the tombs of death to you, will you recognize Me at night?

113,17. Will you recognize Me, if I will awaken you from a deep sleep and will say to you: 'Adam, arise, come and live!?'

113,18. Will you recognize Me on a new earth, in a new heaven, if this earth and this heaven will pass away like an old dress?"

113,19. But Adam asked, mightily moved: "O Lord and Father, what is this? When will this take place?"

113,20. And the Lord said: "Look here, look there; it's already in front of you? - Eternity quivers, and infinity trembles before Me; for now I place a guard and its sword should fight with the one who is dead!"

113,21. Here, Adam bowed as far as the ground and said: "Lord, what kind of words are You speaking? Who can grasp their meaning?!"

113,22. And the Lord said: "The times of the times will understand it and those who are out of you; but you will rest and not understand and realize it until I'm saying to you: 'Adam, arise, come and live!'"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-113 Chapter