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Chapter 114

114,1. After these words addressed to Adam, the Lord turned to all the children present and said:

114,2. "Children, I have now ordered the heights as well as the depths and have made between both walkable paths, so that you may come together and be able to support each other in everything you need!

114,3. I Myself have personally taught you essentially over a period of more than two moons, to get to know yourself and Me as your true God and Father and to find in Me the eternal life of the spirit and in this life all the love, wisdom, power and strength through which all things will have to serve you.

114,4. Many of you are already in this life (the spirit) and from it can recognize the wise use of all things and then use them in the best way. Many of you are particularly at the depths well on their best way to this life; only a few do not yet quite really know where to begin the life of the spirit.

114,5. That is why I have mightily awakened some of you, that through you the awakened the weak and the still blind can be guided on the right path.

114,6. I have given you no command but have actually only showed you that all of you in the love for Me are totally free, as I, your God, Lord, Creator and Father Himself from eternity am.

114,7. In addition I have given you the fullest assurance that the perfect in the love to Me will never see, nor feel, nor taste the death of the body but will like Zuriel, who is here, and like Sehel and like Pura, pass over into the most perfect eternal life of the spirit!

114,8. Thus I have shown you the endless benefits of true life, as to the contrary also the endless disadvantages of a life opposing My eternal order.

114,9. All this you have directly learned from Me, the Lord Himself and received into your heart and therefore cannot doubt the fullest truth of everything what I have taught you Myself.

114,10. Therefore you are now well supplied with everything and in all things and cannot say: 'Father, this and that we are still lacking!’ Since all of you are well supplied, not only for this time but for all eternity, abide to this constitution and do not let yourselves unwisely covet after the vain things of the world, to which death and destruction sticks and you will not trouble Me any more!

114,11. But if you arbitrarily step outside My order and want to dominate one another for selfishness, empowerment and for the sake of the world within you, I then will turn away My face from you and will let you sink into the puddle of all immorality, flesh-greed, fornication and all adultery and disorderly animal lust; but what you will gain by that, the bitter and harsh consequences will show you! More I do not need to tell you!

114,12. Since everything is now in the best order, I bless you and say: My love will remain with you and among you in time as well as forever! Amen.”

114,13. Here the Lord together Zuriel became invisible again. But the company went outside and praised and glorified God until daylight and therefore also celebrated the Sabbath.

114,14. On Sunday, however, all returned home and Lamech himself returned among many blessings with his company back to the depths and upheld there the wise order of the Lord and thereby made it a genuine golden era.

114,15. The same also took place on the heights.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-114 Chapter