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Chapter 115

115,1. Thus were the people of the earth now fully educated and enriched with all knowledge. The gap between the heights and the depths was abolished, so as every person could act unhindered with the freest will.

115,2. And so, also the knowledge of God was fully alive and the first church thus founded, in which every person could find the inner world of the spirit in the pure love to God.

115,3. And so everything was perfectly fine for as long as these first ancestors lived; but when they were called away and one after the other died, it soon unfortunately became otherwise.

115,4. The world became increasingly ever more prevalent, the spiritual was lost and we see soon entirely material people who do not much longer knew more about the spirit than the people of the present time and therefore did no longer allow themselves to be guided and penalized by My spirit.

115,5. For thus the serpent knew how to bless the nature of the earth with its curse that it brought forth in such opulence that the people soon became spoiled which turned them into sluggards and idlers.

115,6. The further course of events will make such much more clear before everyone's eyes.

115,7. But Adam was nine hundred and thirty years old, when he summoned all his main tribe children and said to them:

115,8. "Children, I now have lived nine hundred and thirty years on earth and have become tremendously tired and weak!

115,9. I have therefore asked my God and your God that He should strengthen me or take me from this earth, as He has called to Him in the time of his great revelations Zuriel, Sehel and Pura.

115,10. And when I thus prayed, behold, the Lord said to me:

115,11. "Listen, Adam! I have measured your time and have found it fulfilled; therefore I will hear your prayer and will take you away from this earth, which has mightily tired your feet already.

115,12. But like the three mentioned by you, you can not leave this earth, since you have sinned in your flesh!

115,13. Therefore, your body will be given back to the earth from which it was taken, so that the serpent gets it share from you!

115,14. But your soul with the spirit from Me, I want to detach from your body and will guide it to the right place where you can look at my mercy in the tranquility of your heart.

115,15. An angel I will send to you; he will free you from the body and that on this day.

115,16. But how you have to leave the temporal, so will all have to leave it, who have sinned in their body.

115,17. For as sin has come into the world of the children from you, through you, thus also death of the flesh shall come. Amen.”

115,18. Thus spoke the Lord and hence is today the last day of my earthly existence before you; because it is the will of the Lord!

115,19. But Eva, your mother, will still be alive for some time; honor her and care for her until the Lord will call her away!

115,20. To you, Enoch, I give my dwelling and everything that is in it; and the first care for the mother is your responsibility!

115,21. But to you, Seth, I give all the land and all its produce! Therefore you should care for all who are going to live in my dwelling; for it will henceforth remain the property of the high priest and he shall live from the tenth of all the produce of the land.

115,22. This is what God, the the Lord, wants! But my body will be buried in secrecy by Enoch, Jared, Mathusalah and Lamech at a place which, except for the four, no one is allowed to know about, to prevent the children from paying divine homage to it. - All this is mine and the Lord's will! Act accordingly! Amen."

115,23. Thereupon Adam blessed all the main tribe children and through them all the people of the earth, then bowed his head and died.

115,24. But all the children tore their robes and wept and mourned for a whole year.

115,25. But Adam was buried on a high mountain and no one but the four knew of the place.

115,26. And Enoch moved into the house of Adams and lived in it with his wife and children and cared for Eva, who lived for another thirty years after the death of Adam.

115,27. Thus the will of Adam was carried out in every respect.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-115 Chapter