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Chapter 116

116,1. Also the children of the world in depths, when receiving the news of Adam’s death, mourned deeply and fasted for three days.

116,2. And Lamech, who at that time still lived faithfully and well for a long time, sent messengers to all regions of the earth and let all the reachable nations know about the death of Adam.

116,3. And wherever the news came, soon deep mourning took place and all lamented and wept for the loss of the patriarch.

116,4. But now Eva’s reputation increased substantially; and it happened not infrequently that whole processions from all sides went up to the heights to see and greet the matriarch.

116,5. Even envoys from Sihin (China) came to the mountains of the children of God and visited Eva; because also they learned from the messenger of Lamech that the patriarch Adam had died.

116,6. But the Kahinites (Africa) and the Meduhedites (Japan) did not received the news; for these two nations were at that time completely separated from the residents of the mainlands.

116,7. But Eva, the many consolations notwithstanding, was deeply saddened until her death; even the consolations of Enoch were unable to lighten her heart.

116,8. Only Seth alone could often have a benevolent effect on Eva's heart, for he was always her favorite because his face resembled Adam completely, as well as his size and also the tone of his speech.

116,9. Thus also these thirty years went by in a good, general order; and when the measure of Eva’s life was full also she was called away by the Lord.

116,10. Three days before the death of Eva, when Seth, Jared, Enoch, Mathusalah and Lamech surrounded the already very weak matriarch, the spirit of Adam appeared by admittance of the Lord in the dwelling, saying:

116,11. "Children, be blessed! Peace be with you and do not be afraid of me; because I'm Adam, who begot all of you in the flesh by the grace of the almighty, eternal, living God!

116,12. Behold, the Lord, who had mercy on me already thirty years ago, now also has mercy on my faithful Eva and wants to redeem her from earth and from her more than tedious and weak flesh, so that also she can now enter into my tranquillity of life and as a tame and gentle lamb graze together with me on the sacred pasturage of the mercies of God!

116,13. I was redeemed by the spirit of Sehel, but I Myself will free Eva from her earthly burden and will lead her to where I am, in the sweet tranquility awaiting the day, which will one day rise to the promise of the earth as a sun of suns!"

116,14. Here, Enoch asked the spirit: "And when precisely will you do this and what should happen to the body of the mother?”

116,15. And the spirit of Adams said: "Not I, but the Lord is your master! On the third day from today is the due date; but what you have to do, the Lord will tell you as always!"

116,16. Here, the spirit of Adam disappeared.

116,17. But on the third day he came back, only visible to Enoch and Eva.

116,18. And Eva blessed all the children present and praised God for this grace.

116,19. And the spirit of Adam said so that all could hear him: "Eva, my blessing, united with yours, you have given the children! Thus it is the Lord's will, that also you return home; and thus come into my arms in the name of the Lord! Amen."

116,20. Here, Eva fell to ground and was dead and her soul immediately disappeared with the spirit of Adam and was henceforth not seen again.

116,21. Thus the mother departed surrounded by her children and in the spirit of Adam, reunited again, admitted to the spiritual arms and led to tranquility in the Lord.

116,22. Her body was, according to the will of the Lord, buried at the same place by those who also buried Adam, and no one was allowed to know where the place was.

116,23. Also the death of Eva lead to years of mourning and caused many to go into hiding and began to lead a very pious life.

116,24. Particularly powerful did the death of Eva affected the citizens of the evening who now called themselves Abedamites; because Abedam was also a favorite of Eva and she everything to him.

116,25. It was then also the end of Eva.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-116 Chapter