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Chapter 118

118,1. This time, however, especially for Lamech, Enoch stayed away for too long and he went outside himself to see what Enoch did.

118,2. But he walked in vain the full heights since Enoch was nowhere to be found. He sent messengers in all directions; he even send scouts down to the depths.

118,3. But it was in vain; because Enoch was nowhere to be found among the living on earth.

118,4. Then Lamech as well as the other few surviving fathers thought that Enoch has died. Therefore Lamech had anyone ask whether they would know about it.

118,5. But every respondent quite violently jerked his shoulders and said that they hadn’t seen Enoch since the last Sabbath.

118,6. For a whole year the search went back and forth and up and down; but no one knew even in the slightest what could have happened to Enoch.

118,7. In depths the still living Lamech wanted to undertake wide ranging searches; but when he had already equipped ten thousand messengers, the Lord said to him:

118,8. "Do not make wasted efforts like the fools on the heights; for behold, I have taken Enoch to Me with body, soul and spirit as I have promised him! Therefore, you can look for him now in all the world and you'll never find him. But equip two messengers and sent them with this news to the heights, so that My foolish children should know what has happened to Enoch!"

118,9. Upon this information Lamech cancelled his great search project and sent only the two messengers to the heights with the message from Me, to inform Lamech on the heights what he had heard from the Lord.

118,10. But when Lamech on the heights received such message he and almost all the other children were utterly disappointed because firstly in their perception Enoch virtually died away from this earth and secondly no one was appointed in Enoch’s position as high priest.

118,11. Thereupon Lamech spoke before a whole assembly: "Hear, you my brothers and children, and also you few fathers! The Lord has now either taken Enoch, for whom we searched a whole year, to Him or He had him killed, as He has done already with many of us.

118,12. However, He did not appoint another high priest; this is even more strange than death itself! Enoch had me blessed before he went out to never come back; but I can not accept this as a consecration to become a high priest. Therefore, this position should remain empty from now!

118,13. Who of you want to hold the sabbath, he should do so; but who does not want to do it, should do what he wants because I mean, for death is soon something good.

118,14. May the Lord do what He wants; I for my part will not do much for death!

118,15. Let lie fallow all land, and cease to beget children, and put no more seeds into the ground, and blindfold your eyes and no longer look at the hideous phantom world, but each one of you await death as soon as possible! If this happened to us, we have reached our goal.

118,16. A beautiful destination for free-thinking beings! - It is therefore decided to depopulate the earth! Then God may kill on it as He wants! Understand me well: the earth shall be depopulated!”

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-118 Chapter