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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-119 Chapter

Chapter 119

119,1. This speech of Lamech was well received by many under the known circumstances and seriously there were only very few that remained faithful to the then existing order; but those who still remained faithful to the order, wished nothing more than to be taken away as soon as possible from the totally inverted world.

119,2. But regarding the act of procreation, it was omitted in general on the heights for thirty years. After this time as the mourning grudge of Lamech had calmed down a little, one evening the Lord called Lamech outside and spoke from a fiery cloud to him:

119,3. "Lamech, Lamech, you are trying my patience to the extreme!

119,4. Once, when I went with your fathers from evening to midnight and were heading towards you when you tortiously and timidly joined the fathers who went out to invite the people to the great Sabbath feast, we met up with you on a forest road between midnight and evening, you were full of grateful joy when I acted as an intermediary for you with the fathers; you have found the greatest friend of your life in Me and would have gone into the fire for Me although you have not known Me then.

119,5. Subsequently after you recognized Me, behold, you started to glow like melting ore for love of Me!

119,6. What else did I do differently than only that what I Myself taught and preached to all of you frequently as essential to eternal life of the spirit?! And yet, you're ignoring all My words but act as if I were to you the most foreign and most futile being of all the spirit- and material world!

119,7. How should I, your God, Creator and Father, look at all this in you? Do you seriously want to defy Me, the Almighty?! Do you want to wrestle with Me and engage in a fist fight with Me?! - Speak! What do you want with Me?

119,8. I can only breathe and the whole creation is no longer and you too! Speak! What do you want with Me? - Should I obey you, or you Me? - Speak, what do you want with Me!"

119,9. And Lamech said: "Lord, I do not doubt your power; but I doubt Your love and promised loyalty! For how can You be good to Your creatures or children if You seem to find pleasure to only kill us?!

119,10. I would prefer that You rather breathes at me and I cease to exist than to have to live for some time on this cursed earth and must work hard to be finally killed by You!

119,11. Even if You say: 'Only the flesh must be killed; but the spirit lives on', - then I say: What advantage is there in such a change of life, where you first have to get used to a life in the body and once you have mastered the right skills in it and has grown fond of it, You come secretly and destroy the first life and then forms some other life from it according to Your pleasing to which there is most likely not more to it than the first!

119,12. I can see that You are a friend of constant changes; therefore I can not ever trust You!

119,13. Therefore just breathe at me with Your omnipotence, so that I suddenly cease to be and never ever call me into any existence again, and my destruction shall be to Your lasting praise forever! But an existence under constant change is the biggest curse for every creature and the pleasure of its Creator becomes an unbearable burden to it."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-119 Chapter