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Chapter 12

12,1. Only after quite a while Adam became encouraged and went to the Lord and said with deep reverence to Him: "O Lord, You most loving, holy Father of us all, see, as far as I can talk on behalf of all and myself, we always have loved, praised and highly lauded You, what by no means can be denied!

12,2. We of course have not walked over to You as the grateful, dear Ghemela has done; but such we did not - at least according to my feeling - due to a lack or lesser respect for Your holy-great grace and mercy for us, but perhaps only for too much reverence, respect and love for You.

12,3. Since we completely see and feel who You are! But for the maids this is impossible to see due to their very nature; therefore, to get close to You, they have to do it more outwardly; because for a gradual inner spiritual approach to You, they are, to You at least, far less capable than a man.

12,4. If I thus consider all of this including Your endless strong rebuke addressed to all of us with the exception of Enoch, it was probably a little too strong - quite frankly speaking indeed!

12,5. I speek as I feel it; and how I feel it must be true for me for so long until another different feeling convinces me that I do not speak the truth!

12,6. You are God Almighty since eternity out of Yourself but I only a temporally dull creature of Your holy, above all else mighty will. Just as You as my Creator can speak to me, I also speak frankly with You, as You have created me freely and openly; and therefore I say to You openly and freely: Creator, Father, this time You have said too much to Your poor children with your rebuke; half of it would be enough to push us to death!

12,7. Therefore I beg You, to take back from us this rebuke so that we again can love You as the most loving Father; for in Your great rigor no one can love You, - as You Yourself have taught us on the heights.

12,8. If I would say to one of my children: 'Listen, you worthless child! If you will not love me above all else and I'll just notice the slightest shortcoming of your greatest possible love, I’m going to kill you’, then the pertinent question arises: How will this child which I have threatened be capable, to love me, its father?

12,9. Therefore, o God, Creator and Father, take back Your threats, so that we can love You freely according to our childlike feelings in our hearts, but not be forced to love You out of fear for Your big threats!

12,10. Do not threaten and promise nothing but You as Father be enough for us, including the life out of You, so that we as eternal living children can love You, the eternal holy Father, forever more and more!

12,11. It is of course up to You, to do what You want; for You alone are the Lord God Zebaoth and do not need to ask anyone for advice.

12,12. You have the life; in You is no death, and no one can ever take away from You the freest, most mightiest, most wonderful blessed life.

12,13. The shoe is nowhere too small for You; but it is different with us, Your creatures! With every breath we depend on You and are endlessly weak compared to You, so that even a serious look from You, can destroy us.

12,14. You are not capable of pain; but we have been made by You to feel unspeakable pain, yes even being overwhelmed by fear for death and destruction! And we still want to love You above all, even in great pain!

12,15. If You then want to kill us or already have killed us, it would be impossible for us to love You; for who can log in your wrath, or who even in death love?!"

12,16. The Lord turned to Adam and said to him: "You're talking here as a human being with Me, your Creator, and does well; because it proves to you My masterly successful work, in that you can out of yourself speak so freely to Me.

12,17. But absolutely true children, who fully know their Father and know how endless good He is, then also speak with Him quite differently; because they love Him and therefore have also no fear of Him, but they do, as these daughters have done and still do.

12,18. If, however, the Father wants to threaten his children to love Him, as you have shown through an example with yourself, He then would be anything else but a father!

12,19. But if I, as the only true Father, see that in you still dwells a silly fear for Me, I surely will know how to capture the same to get it out of you, which means, to remove the creature portion from you since a good one half of you is still creature, and to transform you into true children!

12,20. If you consider this a little, you will surely understand that I as the Creator and Father, even if no shoe squeezes Me, nevertheless will recognize where the shoe squeezes you, in order to help you out where you need help the most and that I will choose the most suitable means for it!

12,21. Be therefore a little easy on your demands, and love Me, and you undoubtedly will recognize, if I, with or without death, will invoke love from My children!

12,22. Behold, your demand to Me is just the opposite from Mine to you! Such consider now, and only then speak!

12,23. I know what I as Creator and as Father have to speak and what to do. - Such also consider quite well! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-12 Chapter