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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-120 Chapter

Chapter 120

120,1. When Lamech had finished spoken these words, the fiery cloud settled to the ground and the Lord was standing visibly in the fiery cloud before Lamech and said to him in a serious voice:

120,2. "Lamech, Lamech! Consider who He is who is standing before you and is talking to you now!

120,3. What did Enoch and Mathusalah do to you during your boyhood when you became unruly? Behold, you were chastised with a sharp rod!

120,4. Admit it to yourself, if the fathers chastened you out of a destructive anger or out of a justified love?!

120,5. You can not otherwise than saying: 'These things the fathers have done out of justified children love; otherwise I would have grown up like a raging animal and would have become a monster!'

120,6. Thus you speak in yourself and judging correctly. - Do you think, however, that I am less a loving father to you than it had been Jared, Enoch and Mathusalah?

120,7. O, behold, they were just given to you by Me as procreator, teacher and disciplining father. But I alone am your only true Father forever because I have created you from Me and have procreated and educated you in the complete freedom of your spirit and as the only eternally true and real Father I never punished you despite your not rare friskiness before Me!

120,8. See, the reason for it was always My infinite love, patience and mercy, which I had for you and with you!

120,9. But now I tell you, since you have become unruly to Me, that I will now take a rod in My hand and will do to you and all of your kind, as it is befitting for a right father, who is full of the fairest love for his children!

120,10. But first I’m going to show you the glorious destination of those whom I have taken to Me, so that you shall recognize from your deepest life ground, what I want for My children forever!

120,11. And then I will show you that also I can punish the irrepressible children who are misjudging My most loving paternal destination with them and want to drag it down into the dust of vain deceit, for the sake of their salvation and continue to chastise the most antagonistic also in the spirit forever, if they do not want to acknowledge that I am their most loving Father and God in all inviolable sanctity.

120,12. But look upwards and tell me what you see.”

120,13. Here Lamech looked upward and saw all the deceased.

120,14. And Enoch descended and said to Lamech: "Lunatic, touch me and convince yourself that I live now forever without ever any occurring change of being!”

120,15. And Lamech touched Enoch and found no change in him - except for his celestial-spiritual perfection in all fullness of the most perfect life.

120,16. And so he convinced himself with all the others.

120,17. And Adam said moreover to him: "Lamech, the Father’s greatest benefaction to us is the removal of the heavy trying body from the free spirit! About that you should rejoice!

120,18. To your earthly eye the death of the body may seem bleak, it nevertheless appears to him who is called away in love to the Father, as a most supreme pleasure!

120,19. Behold, in the love ecstasy of your parents you were begotten; but in the highest love ecstasy you will be lifted as a spirit from the heavy flesh and then live a most perfect eternal, powerful, strong, most effective life whose sweetness cannot be compared to anything earthly!

120,20. Whatever you have begun on earth, you will accomplish only in the spirit on the eternal spiritual earth. Therefore you should not be be sluggish on earth; because not one single sand grain touched by you will be lost!

120,21. This I, Adam your procreator, say to you; understand it! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-120 Chapter