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Chapter 121

121,1. Thus Lamech also conversed with Seth, with Eva and some others who lived in the four regions of the heights and have already moved over, and also to previous citizens of the depths and was thus visibly and tangibly convinced, that the life of the spirit after death of the body was a most perfect reality.

121,2. When he had himself convinced from from the very bottom of his life and comprehended everything to the roots, he began to contemplate what great injustice he had caused the Lord and Father of eternity by his speech, - and how unfair all his thoughts and decisions were!

121,3. And he fell down to the ground before the Lord, began to cry and out of his contrite soul he said: "O God, Lord and Father, now I realize the fullness of my wickedness!

121,4. I was blind and believed in my great blindness that I can argue with You! In my most terrible madness I wanted to put up barriers for Your work which in itself is the highest love! I wanted to make the earth desolate and the human race die out!

121,5. And all this because a gloomy resentment germinated in me concerning the taking away of those who I loved more out of a habit than of actual true love! For if I really would have loved them, no resentment against You would have grown in my chest, for having given to them in Your Fatherly love such endlessly great bliss!

121,6. O God, Lord and Father, I now recognize my great culpability before You! Therefore, it is quite right and proper that You want to severely punish me! Yes, o Lord, punish my stupid flesh most vigorously according to Your most holy will; but do not let my spirit perish entirely!"

121,7. And the Lord said to Lamech: "Arise, My son, do you think that I, your holy, most loving Father, find pleasure and joy by punishing my children?

121,8. Behold, every blow that I wanted to give you, would cause My heart far more pain than you on your skin!

121,9. You then also have a son whom you love more than your own life; but if he now and then is disobedient to you then just try to beat him thereof and see for yourself if you do not suffer more pain as your son!

121,10. While carrying out the first blow you already will fear to hurt your son too much; and if the son starts to cry under the first weak blow, will your heart be able to give him a second blow?

121,11. But the son will soon forget the slight pain and your fatherly love will quickly reconcile him with you completely; but for how long and how often will you secretly say in your heart: ‘My son is good but what would I give for not having to hit him!'

121,12. Behold, this you would do as real person! But I'm more than just a man; I am God and your actual Father! Therefore I’m not going to beat you but bless you!

121,13. But this I say to you: Remember that the earth is My land. Work it for the temporal benefit for my subsequent children, and start begetting and multiply! For behold, there are still many who are trapped in matter and are awaiting redemption!

121,14. But henceforth you will take the place of Enoch and make right again what has been done wrong! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-121 Chapter