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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-122 Chapter

Chapter 122

122,1. After these words of the Lord, Lamech promised to restore the old order with the help of the Lord as much as possible and to ensure that this order will be maintained by all descendants.

122,2. But the Lord said to Lamech: "Do what you can; but do not break your neck for it! For behold, there is a lot of stubbornness in the people!

122,3. However, be careful that the snake does not play tricks on you; because it already begun in the depth to cultivate the flesh of the daughters and even to make it smooth and dainty!

122,4. Therefore warn My children of the frequent visits to the depth, so that they may escape the trap that has been laid there for them!

122,5. But remember this for all times of the earth:

122,6. Once you notice that the flesh of women becomes fatter, whiter, daintier and lusher; if women walk around bare-headed and bare-faced, bare-chested and with bare hands; when women will run lusting after men and the mothers start polishing and adorn their daughters and will take them outside during the day and at night, to catch through such exhibition, which there is the worst craft of Satan, any man, so that he may fall for her to either marry her or at least for a very vilest hire fee chooses her as a concubine for a day or for an hour - pay attention, Lamech, to what I’m saying to you now -; when the woman will rise above the man and wants to dominate him and in fact is dominating him, either through her satanly gained flesh stimuli, or through treasures and inheritances of the world or through some nobler status and more privileged descent, when the female sex, which should be subordinate, will look down on the poor man with mocking and contemptuous eyes and heart and will shout: 'Ugh, what a stench around this common fellow! How terribly ugly is this man; what a disgusting appearance! Look at this common rabble, these beggars!' - Then, Lamech - hear! -, then the snake has become the Lord of the world, shamefully dominant in its sex!

122,7. And then - hear Me well, Lamech! -, then I will leave the world and turn it over to the power of him to whom it pays homage, and will put a curse on all creatures! And My ears I will clog, so that I will not hear the loud shrieks of the wretched of the earth to sway Me to take pity on their plight and their affliction, - but to determine the specific time to send My judgement over all the flesh on earth and to pour My wrath over all the land and all the creatures!

122,8. Verily, I say to you, the world has already taken a major step to perdition! Therefore go and proclaim everywhere what I told you now and call all the people back to repent, - otherwise your son and also you for a good part will experience, how the earth will look like if I have turned away from it entirely!

122,9. Take these words to heart and be a faithful servant to Me! Amen."

122,10. Here the fiery cloud disappeared, as well as the Lord and all the previously departed spirits.

122,11. And Lamech, full of serious thoughts, went home and recorded everything the Lord had spoken to him.

122,12. And already the very next day he called all the elders together and revealed to them what the Lord had spoken to him and everything that he had seen.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-122 Chapter