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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-123 Chapter

Chapter 123

123,1. And the assembled recognized and became aware during the narrative of Lamech, that everything is the fullest truth of what he had made known to them and they left cheerfully and with a solid living faith and went at once to their constituencies in the four regions and proclaimed to them everything they had heard from Lamech with lively self-belief.

123,2. Many people were converted again; but nevertheless the majority remained in disbelief and said: "If there would be something to it we do not understand why the Lord did not also reveal Himself also to us as He did to Lamech, since we are just as well people like Lamech and also descended from Adam?!

123,3. We do believe that an implacable God reigns over us according to His pleasing and that's enough; why do we need threats on of it?

123,4. Therefore that we all must finally bite the dust, surely faith will be enough?! But in addition to also fear the God who in the end, nothing more and nothing less, will simply kill us, would be stupid in view of any bright-minded people!

123,5. Eat and drink and spend the annoying time in the most pleasant way, be our motto; for that which comes in a very mystical and uncertain manner after death, we give no rotten apple!

123,6. If there is anything to it, let Jehovah reveal it to us as He did to Lamech, - for also we are human beings; if He does not do it then thanks for nothing at all!

123,7. But you, who were send to us by Lamech but not God, may believe what you want; it will not bother us and your conviction is a hollow circle to us!

123,8. The end will solve for you like for us the puzzles of appearances of the course of life on earth, understand: if we will rot and forever perish in it as if we had never existed!

123,9. But regarding your warning about the depths, we only can laugh about it! Should there be seriously beautiful women and we have easy access to them, we must have been fallen on our heads, if we did not bring them to us; because it is about the best thing what the mortal man has on this stupid world!

123,10. If Jehovah doesn’t like it, He should do it differently; but for as long He keeps us alive we had to be fools if we would spoil this sorry life for nothing at all!

123,11. Therefore, just go away, you faithful messengers of Lamech and in future let us unscathed; because we know what we have to do!"

123,12. Behold, these were the fruits of the former doings of Lamech!

123,13. But when Lamech heard such remarks from his messengers, he was very bitter and did not know what to do.

123,14. But the Lord said to him: "Lamech, you know what I have said to you: do not break it over the knee!' Therefore note this:

123,15. Who wants to come, let him come, - but who does not want to come, we let him go wherever he wants; eventually he will come anyway and then we want to speak to him a few words about his reasoning for eternity!

123,16. So be it! But concerning the desire for the women of the depths, everyone who wants it, should court for one; but we will see to it that he will not return to the heights with her!

123,17. Therefore, be calm, and stay with the good in My love forever! Amen.”

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-123 Chapter