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Chapter 124

124,1. And Lamech thanked the Lord for these instructions from the very bottom of his life and asked Him, after he had given thanks for the received, if he should not gather the faithful around him in a narrower circle.

124,2. And the Lord said: "Let it be good as it is; because the real faithful will remain faithful to us even among the most exuberant of those who forgot about Me entirely!

124,3. But if someone does not has the true faith, also a smaller circle will be little use to him for the eternal life!

124,4. When he is among the faithful, he will act as if he were faithful; but once among the faithless, he will do immediately what they are doing.

124,5. If he is talking to you, he will only speak that which he knows pleases you; but if he will come to the unfaithful, he will be bursting with dirty world talk.

124,6. Behold, these are frivolous, light-minded people who jump back and forth between God and death as locusts and have no spiritual life moisture which could make the seed of my living word germinate in them, and also no spiritual warmth, through which would ripen in them the eternally living seed of My word to actions, and all this they don’t have because they do not want to have it, for frivolousness is always a lot more fun and exhilarating to them than a firm existence in My mercy.

124,7. This kind of people are not only the hardest to reform, but their betterment is a matter of almost pure impossibility, because they immediately agree with everything under any given circumstances.

124,8. If you want them to behave badly place them among the bad; if you want them to be cheery, place them among the cheerful; if you want them to be good, place them among the good; and if you want them to be wise place them among the wise!

124,9. But if you leave them alone, they will soon despair and wither of sheer boredom!

124,10. Why? - Because they do not have a life of their own and therefore are addictive to entertainment!

124,11. For a promised distraction and amusement you will even succeed to keep them motivated for any kind of activity for some time; but tie them for only three days in a smaller circle, where there is no distraction and entertainment, and on the first day already they will begin to make very long faces. On the second day they will start to grumble and complain and on the third day they will either protest seriously with you, or they will run off.

124,12. For their heart's motto is: 'We want to work if it has to be; but the work must be enjoyable, and after work proper entertainment must follow! If this is lacking, we say thanks but no thanks for all the work! Distraction is a must!'

124,13. If you want to build a spectacle house, you can be assured that they will come to you daily to gloat over the spectacle like a blowfly on fresh excrements; but otherwise do not get your hopes up that they will come to you, for as long they find alternative entertainment elsewhere!

124,14. They will also hear My word, - but only for as long it provides pleasure for them; but to let the word flourish in them to turn into a lively activity, you will never discover a trace!

124,15. These people do everything: good and evil as long it provides pleasure to them, but if this is lacking, for one or the other they are dead.

124,16. The reason for this is: They do not have a life of their own, and the reason for this is that from very early on they have learned to waste their life because they have been spurred by their foolish parents with excessive amusement for only a little activity, whereby they have never learned to value the activity, but only the reward with utter disregard to all independence and freedom, and thus all their own life!

124,17. Therefore, let the faithful be, where they are, they will not leave us, and therefore also the faithless; because they will always be against us!

124,18. But concerning the frivolous blowflies, we let them quite freely live on their dung heaps; if, however, they come too close to our food, then there is always still plenty of time to chase them away! The winter of life will early enough cook their goose!

124,19. But we also do not want to judge them; for they are only apparent silhouettes, ephemeral (one-day) specters from today until tomorrow, - but then they are done for forever! Therefore, their brief pleasure is granted them; because after this none will follow any more.

124,20. This is My will! But, you faithful, stay in My love; for in it, there will never be an end to your being forever! Amen, amen, amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-124 Chapter