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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-125 Chapter

Chapter 125

125,1. This revelation by the Lord left Lamech in very deep thoughts and he went to the still living father Mathusalah and told him what he had heard from the Lord.

125,2. But when Mathusalah had heard this, he started to fear for his eternal life; for he said to himself in his heart: 'If so, I will make an agreement with my eyes and want to see in the world nothing that could please me even a little, and therefore also withdraw my ear from all voices of the world! But my greatest enjoyments in the world are still my children and my faithful wife!' - Here he opened his mouth and said to Lamech:

125,3. "My son, I have examined your words very carefully in my heart and found them to be accurate and have therefore done with my eyes and ears a covenant, according to which I will look and listen to nothing in this world that in any way could give the slightest joy to me!

125,4. But what should I do in terms of my children and my most faithful wife, who are my greatest pleasure in this world? Should I bless you, and then for the love of God leave you permanently or should I remain with you?"

125,5. Lamech thought it over briefly and then spoke, inspired by the Lord, to Mathusalah:

125,6. "Hear, o father, thus speaks the Lord, our God and eternal holy Father:

125,7. "Who loves anything in this world more than Me, is not worthy of Me!

125,8. Parents, wife and children are also in this world; therefore you should not love them more than Me, if you want to be worthy of Me!

125,9. However, everything that you sacrifice to Me, one day I will replace to you a thousand times in the kingdom of eternal life!

125,10. However, everyone should stay who and where he is and sacrifice to Me in his heart everything that he has, then I will look upon him and bond with him forever!

125,11. What he then will be enjoying in such kinship, and whatever he will do, will serve him to eternal life!

125,12. Because then My spirit is in him and recreates everything in a person: life becomes a true life, love will turn into true love, the dead itself is brought to eternal life, and all pleasure in it will be just before Me because I have created it in him as a proliferation of eternal life and My infinite love, grace and mercy!

125,13. With Me man can go through all doors and can enjoy everything, for My spirit transforms everything into life in him; without Me, however, nobody should pluck even a single blade of grass - for even a blade of grass can bring him death physically as well as spiritually, if he touches the same with his spirit in such a way that he puts his love in it!’

125,14. See, father Mathusalah, these are the Lord's words; since we now know such livingly, it is then easy to live on earth!

125,15. We remain what and where we are, love God above all and sacrifice Him everything, whatever has touched our heart in a way to turn away from Him, and we are then filled with the Lord's living spirit, through which we then are allowed to enjoy everything, as the Lord Himself has revealed it to us!"

125,16. These words calmed Mathusalah again; but he nevertheless remained henceforth very withdrawn and continually engaged in his heart with the Lord and conversed with His holy spirit within him.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-125 Chapter