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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-127 Chapter

Chapter 127

127,1. For as long as Thubalkain was assisted by Hored and the temple guardian Terhad as well as Mura and Cural, the state Hanoch with its ten principalities held up passably, although they started to found a kind of military to protect themselves against the ever-growing more powerful mountain people who colonized the areas outside of the ten cities.

127,2. When thus Thubalkain died and left no male heir but only two weak daughters (because the former male children conceived with Naeme were pure fools as is well known and thus completely incapable to lead the nation), no one knew who should now take over the government of the people.

127,3. Since also Hored, Terhad, Mura and Cural have died before Thubalkain, it looked even less favorable to chose a suitable leader because except for the already very old Naeme and the two daughters of Thubalkain their was nobody left from Lamech’s family.

127,4. Also the two brothers of Thubalkain were sought in vain; for they too have died somewhere on some world travels and therefore neither they nor any of their descendants could be found.

127,5. Thus the citizens of Hanoch did not know what else to do then to send a messenger to the heights and to obtain advice from Lamech what should be done.

127,6. And Lamech asked the messengers whether Naeme and Hored did not have any offspring.

127,7. And the messenger said: "Neither male nor female"!

127,8. And Lamech sent a messenger to Muthael in the morning region and asked him to visit him.

127,9. And Muthael came and Lamech said to him: "Brother, you have a thirty-year-old son with Purista! He is wise and full of the spirit and power from God. How would it be if I lay my hands on him and anoint him as leader of the people in the depths? For there already living close to three million of the children of the heights and it might therefore not be amiss if your son, who is predestined by God, become a powerful leader for these nations!"

127,10. But Muthael replied to Lamech: "Brother, you also have a son who is even richer in wisdom and grace before God! Why don’t you lay your hands on him?"

127,11. But Lamech said: "Muthael, you know that I act only according to the counsel of God but never on my own! But if such is proven then why do you ask me about what leads to nothing and is good for nothing?

127,12. Either conform to what I have told you, or do not conform; but do not ask me a question which is contrary to the counsel of God in me!"

127,13. And Muthael recognized that he had erred and he asked Lamech for forgiveness and immediately ordered his son to come and allowed him to be blessed as a leader of the nations in the depths.

127,14. When the son was blessed and anointed, Lamech said to the authorized messengers: "Behold, this young man from the heights has been chosen by the Lord as a leader, teacher and guide for you! Led by the Lord, he will follow you to the city of Hanoch where he will arrange the order to always reveal the Lord’s will to you!"

127,15. Here the messengers fell on their knees before the new king and bestowed him the first honour, got up, praised God and went with the new king back to the city of Hanoch, where he was received by countless crowds of people with the greatest exaltation who accompanied him to the great and glorious residence castle.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-127 Chapter