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Chapter 128

128,1. This new king’s name was Uraniel and for ten years his leadership was progress well; because he was in possession of the spirit of God and received his instructions daily from the Lord.

128,2. But during this time the two formerly weak daughters of Thubalkain had become marriageable and strong and were of such external, bodily beauty that all the people fell down in front of them and literally worshipped them unabashedly.

128,3. But the two daughters were of good education and rebuked anyone doing so. But it was of little use because the more these two avoided all occasions where men could endow them with divine worship, the more they shouted about the two goddesses.

128,4. But how great the beauty of these two daughters who lived at the court of Uraniel was, can be seen from the following proclamation of such an adoring eulogy.

128,5. This eulogy was sung daily before sunrise in front of the castle by a thousand men and sounded as follows:

128,6. "O sun, bathe and wash well before in the sea, in all lakes, streams, brooks and springs, so that you are not risest uncleanly and through your dirty rays pollute the divine face of those whose names are too pure, too heavenly that we could dare to utter it.

128,7. And you lazy servants of the east, cleans the morning well with golden winds, so that the daughters eyes from heaven of heavens are not dimmed!

128,8. But you upcoming day be aware that you are not may become a nuisance for the daughters of heaven either by too much heat, nor by too rough coolness!

128,9. For the face of the daughters shines brighter than a thousand suns; their eyes embarrass all the stars and the stars of the heavens tremble before the lustre of the daughters of heaven.

128,10. What mortal has ever seen the stars tremble in the sky?!

128,11. Their cheeks are the primordial fire of dawn; their mouth is the harmony of all creation; their chin causes the feeling of bliss of all living beings!

128,12. Their hair gilds the hems of clouds; their neck is the soul of flowers; their bosom enlivens the earth, and it ignites and drives, to honor the heavenly daughters, fiery mountains up to the heavens!

128,13. Their arms are more delicate and gentle than the softest breeze which scarily escapes the red of sundown, their body resembles the fullness of heaven, and their feet are like the morning rays sneaking through the first most tender, red morning clouds to reach the flowery meadows of the earth!

128,14. Huhora, huhora, huhora. Honor and all light and all splendor and all glory and all majesty to the daughters of heaven!"-

128,15. Thus sounded the morning greeting. But woe to a cloudy day! It was spat on from beginning to end and been scolded and cursed, sometimes also chastised by violently hitting in the air with rods!

128,16. In a similar fashion also the night was cleaned before sundown including the moon and the stars!

128,17. And the two had to at least once a day, either in the morning or in the evening, show themselves at the window to the shouting men, otherwise a howling arose to which there was no end until the two showed up.

128,18. But when such nonsense continued for a year with no end in sight, Uraniel turned to the Lord asking what he should do to put an end to this nonsense.

128,19. And the Lord said: "Why are you coming to Me only now and how could you allow your own heart to be captured by the flesh of the two daughters?!

128,20. Behold, without limiting your freedom no advice is here possible anymore!

128,21. If I take the two away from the world, the people will fall upon you and will kill you; If I let them be, it will get even worse than now; if I give them to you as wives, they will soon render you and the women divine worship; if you flee to the heights, they will tear both of them apart because of mutual jealousy and will strangle each other.

128,22. Judge for yourself what I should do! Therefore think about it in your heart, and do what you like! But for the time being do not involve Me, for I am holy!

128,23. Uraniel was not pleased with this answer and he planned to secretly escape with the two.

128,24. But the day before he wanted to escape, one hundred of the most respected men came to him and advised him to take the daughters as proper wives.

128,25. This proposal pleased him and everything was prepared for the day of the wedding.

128,26. And the day came, and Uraniel got married without informing his father on the heights, so that he could have blessed him.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-128 Chapter