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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-13 Chapter

Chapter 13

13,1. These words from the Lord brought our Adam into a better state of mind again; he humbly went to the Lord and said, "Oh dear, holy Father! Your word has placed me in another light again, and in this light I realized that I have sinned flaming hot before You; therefore I beg You, o dear, holy Father, do not regard this hopefully my last mistake before You and all of Your creation too seriously, but forgive me weak old old man this my last indiscretion!"

13,2. Here, the Lord turned to Adam and said to him, thus also to all those who formerly were like minded with Adam: "Listen all of you, and especially you My son Adam: I will now tell you something to my own apology in front of all of you all my children, so that you, should you still forget My advice in future, that you should know that not I but you yourselves are the foolish and blind creators of your judgments and therefore also of your destruction and of your death, if you, as noted, do not walk the road which has been pre-marked by Me, your most wise Creator and most loving holy Father! And therefore hear Me out:

13,3. You, and the whole endless creation, has from eternity by Me most necessarily been arranged in such a way, that specifically you are the very final purpose and thus the terminal stones of the whole visible and invisible world. Accordingly, everything, as a whole and in its parts, needs most precisely and most inextricably correspond with you.

13,4. But if this is undeniable the case, it follows corollary by itself and reads like this: If man forms the end purpose of all creation, and thus connects to man in everything with the most intimate correspondence, he is necessarily placed above all creation like a master, from which state he must also have a retroactive influence on the whole of creation, just as the whole of creation necessarily must have a forward effect on him! Pay now very careful attention to this:

13,5. All of creation in front of you has entirely no free will, and everything in it has been arranged for you as a necessary beneficial purpose, thus everything is a complete must.

13,6. I as the great craftsman of all My creatures alone knows, how all processes are set up in it, and how one links with the other, and therefore can give you the only most suitable means, to behave in such a way that you can freely assert yourself on this highest level, on which you are standing as the sublime final purpose of all of My creation.

13,7. Abide to this, by Me, the Creator, prescribed order, and all creation preceding you will remain behind you in the most beautiful order; however, if you do not abide to this order, but build and create another autonomously, then I as Creator and your all holy Father am entirely guiltless if the whole preceding creation in its judged workings inverts itself after you, then grabs you, drags you into its everlasting indispensable judgement and finally will kill you.

13,8. Must a stone not be heavy so that it can remain a solid on and in the earth?! Behold, this is a judgement of the matter of the stone!

13,9. As long as you walk around on the stone according to the order, for as long you will be masters of the stone; but if you would roll a heavy stone on top of you, the stone will become your master and will give you its weight, its judgement and therefore also its death.

13,10. Just as shown by this relationship, it is the same with the whole visible and invisible creation.

13,11. You alone can bless it according to My order but also spoil it to your misfortune outside My order.

13,12. The love for Me is the essence of all My order. Therefore always keep to this love alive and you will never fall back into judgement; but if you forsake this love, you will open the floodgates of judgement, and it then will necessarily pounce upon you like the stone and will bury you!

13,13. This, however, you should always remember and respect; therefore know, that I, the Father, judges no one! All of you, understand this! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-13 Chapter