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Chapter 130

130,1. If someone wants to ask whether in this women beautification institution seriously beautiful women were so to speak newly created, to him it is noted that firstly the enemy of life of the people on earth deploys everything imaginable for the favourable realization of such undertakings of the people where he can direct the water onto his mill; secondly experience teaches almost anyone what a fitting dress can do for a female person. Or just look at the not uncommon facial illusions which are brought about, and how often is the outer feeling betrayed by a selective head-dress, by a silk dress conforming to the latest fashion and other similar means of Satan!

130,2. But if even the current unnerved human race can be drawn by such means into the trap of Satan, it is easy to imagine that the more nerve strong and imaginative nations of those times could even be more easily trapped through such tactics.

130,3. And since the ingenuity of the people never rests, it also did not rest here. From year to year new women beautification inventions were made, and a girl needed nothing more than just to have straight limbs, which at that time was almost without exception the case, and she could be made pretty.

130,4. Because the beautification artist said: "Every healthy female can be fattened and thereby made more rounded, and a perfectly fitting dress complementing the shape of the person makes her always look interesting; add to that an expedient, adorable education and every man is caught who comes close to such manufactured beauty!"

130,5. And so it was in reality. But soon any other woman had no value if she was not from the 'King's honor', and therefore was dishonored and deeply offended.

130,6. However, since very little or nothing was gained by such insult, the women who were not from the 'King's honor', ask the the beautification artists, if something could be done to them for a substantial reward.

130,7. Since the artist did not scorned the profit, they also took in older women to their institute and fattened and plastered them that it was disgrace.

130,8. But all this harmed the cause not in the least. If only one could add some more flesh, then everything was fine again; for removing facial wrinkles was just an act of fun for our artists.

130,9. Over time the 'King's honor' had to be increased tenfold; but from that one could see to what status this institution has grown.

130,10. However, in the course of about thirty years, also the distant nations who became more powerful, learned that in Hanoch the most beautiful women were produced and they send spies to investigate.

130,11. The spies went to the king and sought to see the institution. They were taken there but when they saw the beautiful women, they literally began to rave and wanted to have the women.

130,12. But they were told that all the women who were already ripe, could be bought for a certain price.

130,13. The scouts rushed back to their country and told what they had seen. And soon a thousand men loaded with treasures of all kinds travelled to Hanoch and bought two thousand women.

130,14. This was the beginning of human trafficking. But what happened next the following will show us.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-130 Chapter