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Chapter 131

131,1. During that time the heights became pretty much purified; for everyone with oblique objectives gradually moved to the depths.

131,2. Especially the male sex became an increasing bigger appetite for the depth because of the beautiful women; and who had once tasted the sweetness of women in the depths, did not went back to his brothers and sisters on the heights but remained sitting quite comfortably in the lap of the women of the depths.

131,3. Wherefore, as mentioned, the heights were pretty much cleaned at this time, but also obtained no news of all the developments which took place in this short period of about fifty years in the depths.

131,4. Lamech and Muthael quite often discussed with each other what might be taking place in the depths; but they could not attain any facts about it.

131,5. For the Lord did not wanted to talk about the developments of the depth; and messengers who had been sent to the depths by Muthael to investigate, never returned, because so far they always found a hospitable reception in the depths and too much pleasure, so that no-one ever again felt an urge to return to the harsh and frosty heights.

131,6. And as such neither Lamech nor Noha who at that stage was also a man of eighty years of age and also Muthael were able to learn something from the depths.

131,7. But Lamech summoned over ten thousand women who lived on the heights without men and who secretly intended to follow their husbands to the depths, said to them with a loud voice:

131,8. "What are you planning to do? - Did you also allow yourself being trapped by Satan?

131,9. But the Lord spoke to me and said: 'Lamech, do not stand in their way who have forgotten Me; for in the depth they shall receive the reward for their faithfulness! Let everyone do according to his pleasing; But I am the Lord and I will do what I think is right!'

131,10. Thus listen, you women, this the Lord has spoken to me for your sake; therefore I will not stop you! Those who want to stay here for the love of God, can stay; but those who want to leave should go!

131,11. Whether they will return that easy as they have left, the outcome will reveal bright and sad enough!"

131,12. When the women had heard this, they began to cheer and ran off, took food and went to the depths.

131,13. Then Muthael said to Lamech: "There we have it now! - The speech which should have kept them on the heights, drives them all to the depths! If this carries on like that, we will soon find ourselves alone on the heights!"

131,14. But Lamech was very sad about this remark;

131,15. and instead Noha spoke to Muthael: "If it is so, so be it so; but the Lord looks only to His own and not to foreigners! Did He not created in the beginning only one couple and yet the earth is full of people! Behold, we who remain in Him, are more than just one couple and I am convinced that the heights will be filled again!"

131,16. Muthael and Lamech were satisfied with this answer and from then on they did not think about the depths anymore but only how they can love God even more.

131,17. And the Lord visited them quite frequently.

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