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Chapter 132

132,1. When the ten thousand women arrived at the depths, they camped about a small hour field-walk outside the city.

132,2. It was evening when they reached Hanoch and set up camp.

132,3. But citizens of Hanoch, not rarely promenading in the evening, noticed the large number of women camping, and quickly went back into the city and reported such to the king.

132,4. And the king asked the reporters to accurately indicate how many women are out there.

132,5. And the reporters said: "High King, their numbers are so large that we cannot pronounce it; for standing shoulder to shoulder they cover several acres of land, and that means quite a lot!"

132,6. And the king went on to ask: "Don’t you know where these women came from? And are they still young and more on the prettier side?"

132,7. And the respondents answered the king: "High King, the one or the other we cannot say with certainty! But judging from just passing by, we can tell you that this crowd of women are from the heights and seem to be more on the younger than older side! Whether there are real beauties among them, we could not tell because of the already dark twilight; but one could hear many very pleasant voices among them, thus coming to the conclusion, judging by the voices, that there must be quite a lot of beauties among them!"

132,8. With this answer the king was completely satisfied and said, "Noble citizens of Hanoch, listen to me! It could not be better as it is!

132,9. Still today we will capture the entire army of these women and send them to the large beautification institution! After a year they have been fattened and their skin polished and we can then sell them in exchange for great treasures to the foreigners who come by the hundreds every week to buy our beautiful goods!

132,10. But go now, and shew it to institute principals that they should make the necessary arrangements for this wonderful catch as soon as possible!"

132,11. The reporters now hurried to fulfill the king’s advice and in one hour already twelve thousand men were ready and hurried out to the camp of the women and conquered them without a single blow.

132,12. But why? - The women thought that their men who left them, came, to either take them back as their wives or to take the unmarried women as brides.

132,13. Thus the women soon began to cheer and ran into the arms of the men and where two caught one man a scuffle broke out between the two.

132,14. But the men treated the women well and brought them all in still the same night to the inn.

132,15. Only the following day did the king inspect the catch and was very pleased with this catch; since most of them were still very spry solid mountain women, with only a few older ones but more so young ones.

132,16. He thus ordered the professors of the institution to give full attention and work especially hard to beautify these women.

132,17. And already within one year the professors really worked wonders and the king rejoiced even more so when he saw the loveliness sprouting forth from his fellow country women - and the profits that will be amassed for Hanoch shortly.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-132 Chapter