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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-133 Chapter

Chapter 133

133,1. When the women were perfectly fattened in the course of about one and a half years, the Hanochites liked them so much because of their imposing size, that they did not want to sell them anymore but keep them for themselves and instead send their wives and daughters to the institution, together with a substantial subsistence sum consisting of gold and all sorts of other emoluments necessary for such care.

133,2. The men of Hanoch then procreated children with the women from the heights and these children male and female were firstly exceedingly beautiful and secondly these children were filled with a spirit of inventiveness, especially in subjects of mechanics, in artistry, in chemistry and still in a thousand other fields of study.

133,3. Glass was a major invention of these children, of course only in their adult state.

133,4. This phenomenon gave the great city of Hanoch already in the course of thirty years a completely different look.

133,5. The king, still living in comfort for a long time, began to mint money, which was regarded as a convenient means of exchange.

133,6. As a result, the trade status of Hanoch rose dramatically and the city became ever brighter and bigger.

133,7. Added to this came the extended exploitation of gold and silver in such quantities that firstly the king had gilded his entire, very large castle and secondly had built a new, extremely shiny grandest castle which in every respect was so richly decorated with art and nature that all the princes of the present would not be able to achieve.

133,8. In the course of another thirty years, Hanoch had an appearance that the foreign nations believed that higher beings had their hands in this, otherwise it would be impossible to think how this old, otherwise dismal city arrived at such size, splendor and incomprehensible magnificence.

133,9. How big this city was, can be gauged from the fact that it contained a thousand buildings of such large size that each provided comfortable living space for ten- to fifteen thousand people, not to mention the thousands of smaller houses and palaces!

133,10. There were also built all kinds of schools and educational institutions, and all the cities were compelled to make use of Hanoch’s facilities - albeit substantial sums.

133,11. But the clever court of Hanoch noticed, that other nations which were very powerful, began more and more to crave after the big riches of Hanoch, and therefore decided to surround this great city with a mighty curtain wall.

133,12. The decision was made and already the very next day one could see all around the city millions of hands busily active and in the course of about two years the whole city was surrounded by a thirty fathom (1 fathom = about 6 feet or 1.8m) high and ten fathoms wide wall with a length of seventy-seven current miles.

133,13. One hundred and seventy gates led into the city. Each gate had three mighty strong iron wings for closing, and above each gate an enormously colossal iron warrior statue was erected, in which up to thirty warriors could hide and from inside the head of the statue, namely through the hollow left eyes, mouth and ears, stones could be hurled out.

133,14. One might think that for this time the construction of such works would require hundreds of years. - Oh no! Just imagine what one million arms under prudent management can achieve, and you will understand how such works in the course of seven years were completed and this the more so when one takes into account the greater strength of the people, their zeal and also the powerful influence of the serpent. - What follows will show what happened next.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-133 Chapter