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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-134 Chapter

Chapter 134

134,1. However, the foreign mighty nations who were the children fathered by men from the heights with the beautiful women of the depths, held discussions among themselves in their twelve new cities named: Lim, Kira, Sab, Marat , Sincur, Pur, Nias, Firab, Pejel, Kasul, Munin and Tiral - and at a general assembly which was held in Lim it was said:

134,2. "Brothers, what shall become of Hanoch, this old deceiver of mankind?! Why must we expensively buy all the better advantages of living from them?! Why are the Hanochites the masters and we are less than their lowest servants?! And yet we are children from the heights, though here and there from the women of the depths!

134,3. Brothers, we are giants; our muscles have such strength that we can fight with lions, tigers, bears and hyenas like the Hanochites can take up the fight with flies!

134,4. How would it be, if we unite by the thousands, move towards Hanoch and take possession of the city and all its incalculable benefits?

134,5. It is certainly true that this city has a very solid ring wall and one hundred seventy gates with three lockable doors each and above the gates iron giants are set up which have a very dreadful appearance but they are dead works, manufactured by human hands and can not even defend themselves against a fly!

134,6. Thus it is time to unite and move against Hanoch!"

134,7. But one member of the assembly got up and said: "Brothers, hear me out; I must speak only a few words to you!

134,8. Behold, if we move in large masses towards the city, the Hanochites will notice our intentions and will lock the gates of the city at our approach! What will we do then? - Nothing than to withdraw empty-handed under derision and disgrace!

134,9. But if we come in only small numbers, we will achieve nothing!

134,10. Therefore, my advice would be this: Since the ten small towns around Hanoch are not yet fortified and each city contains barely ten- to fifteen thousand people of poor quality in all respects, we should be able to easily seize these cities with little difficulty and thereby cut off all trade with Hanoch!

134,11. Then the Hanochites will have to deal directly with us; we will no fools and buy their products for unreasonable sums but will produce ourselves what we need!

134,12. And the Hanochites can then jump over the city wall out of hunger and sell their beautiful women and other goods to whoever they want and can; that we will not buy them, since we have surrounded from all sides, - except for the very lowest infamy prices -, they can be fully assured of!

134,13. I mean, in this way after a short while Hanoch must either fall entirely or they will have to put up with us, to accept terms from us, which are certainly not to our disadvantage!"

134,14. This advice pleased all and already within the next few days two times a hundred thousand of the strongest men were armed, attacked the ten cities and conquered them in one stroke without almost no resistance.

134,15. But when the Hanochites heard about this operation, they became furious and began to manufacture the most terrible weapons and within one year equipped an army of a million people, gave them leaders who trained the army and then moved with them against the powerful foreign nations.

134,16. But what the outcome of this war was, the following will show.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-134 Chapter