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Chapter 135

135,1. Thus a full million warriors equipped with sharp spears, lances and swords moved out, split up in ten divisions and each division was instructed to attack one of the ten cities.

135,2. But the foreign nations came to know about the war plans of the Hanochites and prepared for a counter attack. They blocked the entrances of the cities and manned them with well exercised archers, as well as all windows and attics of the houses.

135,3. When now the Hanochites attacked the cities under a lot of shouting, many thousands of sharp arrows flew at lightning speed towards them, through which many were killed and many more were severely wounded.

135,4. Since the Hanochites were unfamiliar with this weapon, they were compelled to believe that evil spirits were fighting for these great nations, and those who still remained fled with great haste back to Hanoch; because they thought that the evil spirits would run after them right into the city with the deadly arrows, why they hid themselves in their homes.

135,5. But when the foreign nations realized the fear and confusion they had caused among the Hanochites, they decided to attack Hanoch.

135,6. But the already known counselor, whom the foreign nations had made their main leader, said to the chiefs of the ten cities:

135,7. "Let this daring undertaking be sufficient! Here we have the clear advantage; if we move towards Hanoch and the gates are closed, we expose ourselves to throwing stones from the high ramparts for anything and nothing.

135,8. This city can never be conquered with violent hands and beneath its walls we would fare not one hair better than they experienced under our walls and homes and our fortification where more than half their army has been wiped out by our arrows and we after the battle - as you know - had to work for a fortnight to bury all those killed.

135,9. The Hanochites have now received such a powerful lesson from us that they will come to the conclusion that the ring wall will be of little benefit to them and they will also soon realize that it is better to live in open friendship and as brothers with us than to isolate themselves from us in hostility.

135,10. They are besieged by us from all sides and cannot harm us; but hunger will soonest drive them as friends into our arms, - and then we will make the right conditions for peace, which, as I have noticed before, will not be to our disadvantage!”

135,11. This advice was again widely accepted and the counselor was not wrong; for already in the seventh week came deputies of the king Uraniel from Hanoch to the rulers of the ten cities, and proposed some peace terms, certainly to the advantage of Hanochites.

135,12. But the chief negotiators who were well prepared by the counselor, said: “We are now clearly your masters; therefore you have to accept what we demand! And if you do not want that, the hunger shall force you to it; because the siege will not be lifted until you will accept our conditions!

135,13. But the conditions are very simple: We want to set up a fruit market on the outside of the walls of your city and you shall buy the food from us at a fair price; and a thousand of our men must form a council alongside the king in Hanoch and must be sustained by you.

135,14. If you agree, then go and bring us the acceptance of the king; if you do not want to comply then starve within your walls!"

135,15. Thereupon the deputies went back to Hanoch; and the king was forced to swallow the bitter pill.

135,16. The messenger went back and delivered the approval of the king and the very next day the fruit market around Hanoch was established and the almost starved Hanochites bought the food for nearly any price.

135,17. And so also the thousand co-counselors moved to Hanoch and took the king entirely in their midst, so that he had to dance as they whistled.

135,18. But what follows will show how there has been whistled and danced.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-135 Chapter