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Chapter 136

136,1. But how did the whistle of the thousand foreign co-counselors sounded?

136,2. Firstly it was imposed on the king to surround also the ten prince cities with ring walls so that each city could be used as a place of defence.

136,3. But the counselors did this in order to sufficiently control the the king and the mighty Hanochites with strong counter fortifications and to keep this great city duly in chess, as you are used to say.

136,4. But the thousand councilors tightened their grip on the ten cities and were the real masters of Hanoch and the king was now compelled to only do what the masters of the ten cities viewed as good and always firmly wanted.

136,5. We see from this event nothing more and nothing less than a constitution between the king and the people; but at the same time we also see a kind of people nobility or a caste system being introduced, whereby particularly the actual children of the depths and especially the male sex was used for the most menial tasks.

136,6. And it was firmly determined by the masters of the ten cities that these same male children were never allowed to rise above their status.

136,7. It was also furthermore determined that a man from the counselor- or master class, was not allowed - for his reputation's sake - to take a wife from the lower class.

136,8. And if someone from the lord class was attracted to a daughter from the lowest class because of her beauty, she had to previously be sort of knighted by the king in the by then still strong going embellishment institution and be adopted by the king as a daughter and only then became fit to be the wife of a gentleman.

136,9. By preference this adoption consisted therein that the king of such an adopted daughter had to give her a proper dowry out of his treasures; only this resulted in her complete nobilitation.

136,10. Through such means the co-councilors knew how to transfer the treasures of Hanoch to themselves and to turn the king increasingly to a mere empty bill.

136,11. In the course of about ten to fifteen years after the fortification of the ten cities, which was accomplished about five years after the great battle, Hanoch has sunk so low and became so drained that the already elderly king began to cry in front of the thousand counselors and said:

136,12. "Listen to me, my brothers! If it is your goal to destroy us, seize the weapons and kill us and rather take possession of all the treasures of these cities at once; but it is too god-forgotten dealt with to slowly torture and kill!"

136,13. But the head of the council said: "Alright, we understand your words; since we are your council and the council of the people, can we act differently?! Does the people not have greater rights than a weak king of the city Hanoch?!

136,14. But if you want to see Hanoch flourishing again, surrender the full leadership to us and you remain our official power as king, shrouded in a mysterious sacred being - and you'll soon see this city in a most flourishing condition!”

136,15. Here, the king thought: "What can I do? If the city is rescued I will indeed make the sacrifice!"

136,16. He therefore agreed to the council of the co-counselors. They then became the sole masters of the city, the other cities and of the whole, great country and the king had to sign all their decisions without knowing what he actually had signed for.

136,17. Thereby the people thought that all this was coming from the king but the king knew nothing.

136,18. And so this constitution was transformed into the most shameful aristocracy.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-136 Chapter