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Chapter 138

138,1. Uraniel left with his two wives seven children, five daughters and two sons; the daughters were extraordinarily beautiful and the sons were literally giants. But neither the sons nor the daughters were brought up at home in the city of Hanoch, but on the heights.

138,2. For when the great tribulation Uraniel in his back turned to the Lord and asked him about the amendment of the misery of the city Hanoch, the other cities and the whole country in depth, as the Lord said to him:

138,3. "Hear me, you blind fumbler, would you have asked Me seventy-seven years earlier, I could have answered your prayer; but now it's too late!

138,4. A blind and stupid nation as it was in the beginning under Lamech is easy to convert, - for in their blindness they still had an open, believing heart; but such a highly sophisticated industrial nation considers itself wiser than I am. Yes, they don’t need Me anymore; because in their opinion the world has created itself and during its formation also gradually developed its own necessary laws, under which it exists and all things on it. What should I do with such a nation?

138,5. My children have left their heights already long ago and have taken wives in depths and have procreated with them strong and world-wise children who, through their strength as well as their mastership of the mind became lords and masters of all the world and all things. See, what is My function in all this?

138,6. Thus I cannot help you! But since you have convinced Me to talk to you, and have pleaded with Me for seven years already, I will give you some advice for the benefit of your children:

138,7. See, on the heights are still living Methuselah, Lamech, his son Noha and your father and your mother! Let them raise your children; for if you leave them here, they will be killed both mentally and physically, since your council is increasingly striving to take over all power.

138,8. But if you send them to the heights, you will do your council a favor!

138,9. They will then indeed take over all your leadership powers of the people and will keep you captive like a bird in a cage; but I will strengthen your sons on the pure heights and will send them down as powerful teachers, if you no longer walk on this earthwalk.

138,10. Should the people convert, I want to withdraw My punitive right hand; but if they cast out the teachers, I will judge and kill all the people, big and small, young and old, and also all the animals on earth and found another generation on then cleansed earth!"

138,11. When Uraniel had heard this, he at once send his children, including the two wifes to the heights, led by some of his most trusted friends.

138,12. The whole family lived on the heights in Muthael’s home and were brought up by the mother Purista in all godfearing and love; and also the still living Lamech and especially Noha and his brother Mahal added a lot to the god-pleasing education of these children.

138,13. But, as already known, the king Uraniel died in the depths, the thousand counselors divided the large empire among themselves and began through their powers to terribly exploit the people, established several more principalities and demanded from the princes an exorbitant tribute.

138,14. Because they wanted to enlarge Hanoch to such an extent that the ten cities could be incorporated in the city of Hanoch entirely.

138,15. On this occasion, I sent the two mighty sons down to the depths and asked them to start preaching.

138,16. But the sons were soon seized, bound, given a powerful thrashing and then send away with the instructions to never return; because the people of Hanoch knows God better than some stupid mountain oaf!

138,17. But if they dared to come again as God’s preachers to Hanoch, they would get to taste the swings.

138,18. And so the two sons of Uraniel went back saddened and told on the heights what had befallen them.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-138 Chapter