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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-139 Chapter

Chapter 139

139,1. And the few fathers on the heights terribly astonished about the total decline of the depths which under Lamech, under Thubalkain and even for some time under Uraniel flourished so magnificently.

139,2. And Lamech said to his son Noha: "What do you think: if these two sons of Uraniel were equipped with the miraculous powers of Enoch, or as the Lord Himself had equipped Kisehel and his brothers when He had sent them to the depths for the first time, would they not thereby be more effective to bring success to their mission, than merely with the power of the word?

139,3. My son, I know that the Lord thinks highly of you and always rather answers you than me; yes, you can talk to Him whenever you want - while I often have to call for days, until the Lord answers me and then talks to me!

139,4. How would it be, if you turn to the Lord in your heart and present to Him my wish? Perhaps He wants to approve it?"

139,5. And Noha said: "Dear father Lamech, I mean, there is not much that can be done anymore; for behold, as I understand it during the time of Lamech when he still was a servant of the snake, basically only Lamech himself was wrong. He dominated the people and the people of all the depths languished under his tyranny and was caught; but they longed for salvation.

139,6. At that stage only Lamech needed to be converted, and through him the whole nation was converted and redeemed with one stroke!

139,7. But now it's different; it now looks in almost every heart of the people as it was the case back then with only Lamech!

139,8. Lamech was judged to the death and had through self-activity and through the biggest self-denial make good and alive again in himself what the converting miracle of Kisehel had judged and killed in him.

139,9. But how devastating large and extended would the miracle have to be now to convert millions who all are one hundred times worse in their hearts than Lamech ever was in his greatest cruelty!

139,10. In my view, we can be satisfied, to perhaps here and there win some over through the compelling power of the word; but a general change in behavior among these people is by far no longer viable anymore!

139,11. The Lord will therefore equip the two sons only with the power of prudence and then send them back to the city of Hanoch.

139,12. If they will achieve something against the evil free will of some Hanochites, it will be well and good; but if they can not do that, we leave everything to the Lord and He will then do what is right! - Don’t you fully agree to that?”

139,13. And Lamech saw the truth of the statement of Noha and then did not ask any longer that the Lord should fill the two sons with miraculous powers.

139,14. But the two were filled with divine prudence and had to go back to the depths.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-139 Chapter