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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-14 Chapter

Chapter 14

14,1. After this speech of the Lord all thanked the Father for such great enlightenment; because all now understood entirely, except Uranion, what the sublime status of man means with regard to the immeasurable series of creation of the countless beings and things of God.

14,2. But, as noted, the old father of the morning was still not quite at home regarding one point; therefore he came in utmost humility to the Father and asked Him for permission to be allowed to ask a question about a point which is still a little dark to him.

14,3. The Lord immediately gave him what he was asking for, by saying: "I lovingly wanted it that such stays hidden from you for the sake of all; therefore you are allowed to also asked for the sake of all as if I did not know beforehand what it is you wanted to ask Me!"

14,4. After having received permission Uranion asked about the issue which he even more so carried close at heart, for the Lord foresaw that he recognized it best.

14,5. But the question was: "O Lord, You holy, most loving Father of all the people! If man can only sin against Your order implanted in the creation, by not strictly living according to Your recognized holy will, thus only according to his own foolish will, and thus sins actually only against the creation and against himself - how is it then possible to insult and hurt Your holy, most loving Father heart?

14,6. For if man finds his inevitable judgement in the judged creation of beings and things, hence his punishment, it seems to me that You do not take notice anymore of what man is doing, and as such could never be insulted and offended by any foolish, headstrong, insubordinate child.

14,7. The subsequent main part of the question consists accordingly therein to whether You, O Father, can be insulted by the people or not. - O Father, about this give us us a little spark of Your grace and love light! Your holy will be done!"

14,8. And the Lord answered Uranion: "You have indeed asked the right question; but nevertheless there is not that much to your question than you and some others might think.

14,9. See, you too are a procreating father of your children and you also have made some useful items in your household which should, according to your plan, be used in a proper suitable manner!

14,10. But if one or the other of your children uses, the item you provided to their advantage by proper utilization, either altogether incorrectly and it thereby is damaged or even completely ruined, or your children do not pay attention to the good cause of the item, regard it as stupid and ridiculous superfluous and even revile you and your arrangement and also want to angrily trample on it with their feet, or your children want to cuss and flee you like a pestilence for something you gave to them out of love and with best intentions, - tell me as father of your children how you will put up with such behavior from the side of your children, even though they do not actually, strictly speaking, have sinned against you, but only against the means you provided for them?

14,11. Oho, you want to curse such children!

14,12. What should therefore I as the holy Father say to you, if you in a disorderly and waywardly manner interfere with My holy, eternal order and thereby forget about Me entirely?!

14,13. Hence, it also is for Me impossible to be indifferent if you act this or that way!

14,14. I therefore can be offended by you; but then it is up to you to recognize your tresspasses and again return to Me, in which case I am of course much better than you people, because I never reject anyone, but try very hard to bring every lost person on the right path again and revive everyone again if only he wants to come back to Me.

14,15. See, this is the state of things; therefore abide all in My love, and you will not sin against My for you created things!

14,16. But now Kisehel has still something on his heart; therefore he should come here and discharges his burden before Me, the Father! Amen. "

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-14 Chapter