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Chapter 140

140,1. And so the two went, equipped with divine wisdom, for the second time to the great city of Hanoch; and when they arrived there, they let themselves be recruited as workers, namely at the construction site of the large, straight line connecting structures between Hanoch and the ten cities, which then were regarded as suburbs to Hanoch.

140,2. These rectilinear buildings consisted of two rows of double storey houses seaming a broad street on both sides and were protected to the outside by a strong, raised earth mound.

140,3. The shortest of these roads was half a day’s travel long and the longest a good day’s travel (1 day’s travel equals about 27 to 36 km).

140,4. And at precisely this longest road which was still under construction and led in a straight line towards Uvrak, our two messengers were hired as efficient bricklayers.

140,5. For their work they did not received any remuneration since at these works the front-line service was already introduced; but as bricklayers they had the right to be sustained by the common laborers. All laborers, however, were ordered by the thousand lords of Hanoch, subject to punishment at the swing, to alternately provide for the mouth stock, so that the masons were not delayed in their more important work.

140,6. Thus also our two messengers as bricklayers were somewhat better off than any common laborer.

140,7. But as bricklayer they performed so well that they were noticed by the inspecting lords because their buildings were so diminutive and evenly built as if they had been cast.

140,8. They were admired for their insight and their wise use of the material so that soon they were promoted to foreman.

140,9. But as foreman they managed their building lots with such insight and skill that their houses looked so beautiful that everyone stopped in front of them and kept on marveling about the splendor of their buildings.

140,10. And the lords of Hanoch regretted that they did not noticed and appreciated their talents earlier.

140,11. But since a large stretch of the alley was still left to be built, the two were immediately promoted to senior building directors and therefore had to manage the whole construction project; and all their buildings were highly admired.

140,12. But when this monstrous construction project was completed in the course of ten years but of course with the help of several million hands, on which occasion thousands and thousands of people perished, partly by hunger, partly through ill-treatment and partly by not infrequent epidemic diseases -, our two messengers were unanimously integrated into the council by all thousand lords and were assigned the top leadership of all construction projects.

140,13. But when through such enlargement of the city Hanoch, the needs of the citizens also increased and thus were forced to demand even higher taxes from the foreign princes who could never afford them, causing some of the princes stand up; some resisted violently while others fled to foreign countries.

140,14. And so Hanoch was facing the greatest disaster and did not had any sources left whereby it at least could protect itself from famine.

140,15. Here the two main counselors were asked by the thousand lords, what should be done in order to save the city.

140,16. But the two postponed the answer to seven days; for they said: "Great and important things need time for careful consideration; therefore we can only draw up the right plan after seven days.”

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-140 Chapter