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Chapter 141

141,1. After seven days the thousand lords again called the council together and the two messengers, appearing now as high co-councilors, stood in the middle of the thousand lords and one speaking the word of the other:

141,2. "We carefully considered and weighed everything and have irrefutably found that the current constitution is not workable anymore; what is too much, is too much!

141,3. Our city Hanoch has become too tremendously large in extent; already during the time of king Uraniel it was too large and if it wasn’t for the most unfortunate ring wall, Hanoch would still have remained a thriving city!

141,4. But that it has now come close to its utter demise, this oldest of the cities of the earth, this you can count on your fingers as well as we do!

141,5. Bear in mind, we are now like a thousand kings! Everyone carries for himself a court with a thousand people of both sexes for his official glorification and official insurance, which equals, including ourselves, ten times one hundred and one thousand people. They, including us, do not put their hands onto the ground but still want to live well!

141,6. Question: Who should, who can work for the bread of so many idlers?

141,7. But let us go further! In each of the ten suburbs, are also sitting one hundred thousand officers, soldiers and idle servants of higher officials and the many already retired lords.

141,8. All these have also nothing to do with the soil of the earth, yet they want to live well! With living nothing is wrong; but from where take what the earth is not producing?!

141,9. But lets continue! We are now counting in our large city ten women beautification institutions. Each one is filled to the brim and accommodates about ten to twenty thousand women and in addition one third as many professors and other servants. They all must eat extremely well and know the ground of the earth on which the bread is growing, not even by name!

141,10. But now further! In this great city Hanoch, according to our private count, there are living now two times one hundred thousand noble families with their servants, together close to thirty times one hundred thousand people; also all these have in their entire lives not once touched the ground of the earth with their hands but still want to eat a very good bread.

141,11. But lets continue! By the purposeless steady aggrandizement of our city, firstly the ground of the earth is futilely killed and where a large new house is built, no more corn is growing.

141,12. Secondly, however, such a magnificent building then attracts previously hardworking rural dwellers to the city; they buy the house, inhabit the same, then live of course off their savings, but they do not have land anymore to work and buy now, what they need.

141,13. This is well and reasonable; but if the matter continues like that where every day ten to twenty families leave the country and settle in the city, from whom will you then buy the bread, if all country folk has become semi-noble, work-shy town citizens or at least become servants of the city citizens?!

141,14. We further demand tributes over tribute from all our vassals. Thereby we make the people treat country life with contempt. They either flee to distant, to us unknown areas, or they resist, here and there violently, our unjust demands.

141,15. Question: Who will produce the bread for us now?

141,16. See, thus there is absolutely no way for this constitution to continue! But consider now our conscientious presentation and we will give you the means by which this evil state of affairs can be remedied at least to some extent!

141,17. Thus we spoke as co-councilors truthfully with all due respect to you thousand high lords!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-141 Chapter