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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-142 Chapter

Chapter 142

142,1. But the whole high council implored the two to keep on talking; because they realized the profound truth of their statement, wanted to know more and finally also the means how this evil could be remedied.

142,2. And the two started again, to speak the same word: "Thus listen to us, you, the high council! With our lives we warrant the fullest truth of what we are now going to tell you; and if this is not accepted, we can give you no guarantee that within a fortnight you will count more than one million corpses in this city plus a popular uprising against us, as the world has not seen before. People will kill each other but us first and will then saturate themselves with our blood and flesh!

142,3. However, in order to avoid and prevent these most terrible events arriving with the greatest certainty, only the following course of actions are left open to us - but only for a very short time:

142,4. The first action is that we as soon as possible dismantle the terribly costly women beautification institutions entirely, by immediately sending out messengers in all directions to inform the whole world that these women can be now obtained for free with an added grant from the accumulated treasures and food stocks of these institutions.

142,5. But the professors and beautification artists must emigrate, and each one with at least three women; including some treasures and food they should become their reward. The earth is large and the mountains are almost depopulated; they will surely find their shelter.

142,6. But then these large buildings must be torn down and the large pieces of land they formerly occupied, turned into fertile gardens and within one year ten thousand hardworking people will be able to produce their own food from it!

142,7. Furthermore, there exist in this city a hardly countable number of real idlers who call themselves nobles, but have nothing than their deceitful mouth, of which they could live. Out with them! Give everyone another wife with some gold and our city will count a few hundred thousand people less, who are good for nothing anyway.

142,8. If they ask where to move, we immediately show them the way to the mountains, - they will surely find their shelter there!

142,9. In a similar manner we are also reducing our bodyguards from a thousand to one hundred and give the dismissed a six month supply and we again have freed our city from a lot of unnecessary, not-producing consumers and through this relief it will be much easier for the actual citizens to feed themselves in a more natural way.

142,10. But the hardworking middle class will be instructed to firstly turn all the open spaces of the city into fertile gardens; secondly: the streets which are wide must be planted with fruit trees; thirdly: also the flat roof tops of the houses must be converted to gardens; fourth: likewise, the great city wall which alone can bear all kinds of vegetables and fruit for a hundred thousand people; fifthly: the outer swing area of the city must be transformed into arable land; sixth: every unnecessary building be demolished and also transformed into a garden, - and through these changes we will have put ourself within a year in such a favorable state which certainly can be called enviable!

142,11. If this advice has been carried out, only then do we want to proceed to another!”

142,12. This advice was received with great applause and the very same day they started to execute the plan and after a fortnight the city Hanoch appeared so empty that it seemed to an observer as if he was walking in a forest of houses; but despite this there nevertheless were still living more than two million hardworking citizens in it, who turned everything into fertile gardens.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-142 Chapter