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Chapter 143

143,1. However, after the course of one year when everything was fairly in order and also some of the feudal lords began to pay a moderate tribute again, which was a welcomed relief for the substantially reduced population of Hanoch - at least for as long all the newly landscaped gardens became properly fruit-bearing -, the thousand lords came together again for another summit to receive from the two wise councilors further rules of conduct.

143,2. When the council was gathered and the two were entreated to let their voices be heard for the general good, the two got up and spoke:

143,3. "Thus listen to us, you high council of the city Hanoch! - You have been convinced that everything we have advised you of, always led to the best results and will even become better depending on what was started to become more and more entrenched and perfect; of this you can be convinced in advance!

143,4. Thus also our vassals will freely commit to paying their taxes, as we will be able to continually reduce them, by producing enough for our own moderate consumption from the substantial open areas of the city.

143,5. Also, our moderate life style will not easily entice new settlers into the city but rather more shoppers to buy our useful products for a reasonable price.

143,6. By that we, as well as our descendants, if they want to walk in our footsteps, will maintain this most ancient, most venerable city in the world in a most flourishing condition and none of its inhabitants will ever have to complain of distress!

143,7. If we further will refrain from enriching ourselves from foreign nations and if they will discover no wealth on us but only bourgeois activity and frugality, no powerful becoming nation will ever be tempted to subjugate us and take away the treasures we did not have; but on the contrary, we will not be safe for one hour from robberies and looting.

143,8. All this is now justly calculated and an uninterrupted happiness of Hanoch is written with iron letters.

143,9. However, there is still one thing we have not yet addressed to the full realization of our advice and have kept it as the crown for last!

143,10. And this one thing is that we need to full-seriously start to believe in God, the Almighty, and we also need to teach the citizens of this city from the ground to recognize, worship and love this one God which they including us, have completely forgotten!

143,11. Without that all our best advice will sink into the dust of nothingness, and it will take only a few years to put us in an even greater misery than we have ever experienced before!

143,12. Therefore we need to re-open the two temples of Lamech again and duly sacrifice to God the only Lord, our thanks- and plea offering therein!"

143,13. During this speech many councilors quite formidably began to turn their noses up; but no small number nevertheless agreed with the two, - they only insisted on the construction of several temples.

143,14. But some of the councilors did not wanted to hear anything about it and instead recommended that the areas where the two temples were standing, should also be transformed into gardens; and so a dispute arose among the councilors.

143,15. But the following will show the outcome of it.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-143 Chapter