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Chapter 144

144,1. A whole year went by over this mutual dispute without any sign of reconciliation between the opposing parties; they had thus no choice but to call again on the two co-councilors for advice as to what should be done in the most agreeable case.

144,2. The disputants agreed on the recognition of a god, if need be even more than one god to maintain the order among the people; the acknowledgement, however, should not be based on blind faith through empty preacher twaddle but be based on pure science, thus through natural science, mathematics, philosophy and God worthy art representations!

144,3. Thereby the people will have something durable, solid and convincing instead of the sole dark, blind faith whereby the existence of God is based on the testimony of mysticism which will only prevail for as long the mystical teachers live. But if they, compelled by nature, also have to bite the dust, also the whole doctrine had to bite the dust with them, and the people would be left standing there, cheated. And if the people had been cheated with a mystical God repeatedly, they eventually cannot be brought to any acknowledgement of God anymore.

144,4. Thus in this sense, our thousand councilors who more or less were in agreement had a significant majority; however, they did not know how to execute this resolution in the smartest way which was the actual reason why they turned to the two for advice.

144,5. But the two said: "High councilors of the great city Hanoch! - We have shown you the right plan already a year ago; but you have rejected it! What should we do more, this time?

144,6. Every case has only one plan which is good and true only, and so it is with the preaching of God!

144,7. This plan, however, we have shown to you; only you have rejected it and now have another, which according to your opinion is set up more feasible. Thus put it to work according to your insight and allow yourselves to be instructed by the consequences of what good you have brought to light!

144,8. But we want to have no part in it and do not want to be in the least a hinderance in the execution of your plan.

144,9. Do with Hanoch with respect to the teaching of God, as you have done with the feudal princes, where you have been given to everyone a different teaching of God, to more easily distinguish between them by means of the different types of teachings and to make it easier for you to collect from them the lease tribute, and you will soon experience in Hanoch the same results that you have experienced with the vassals!

144,10. So far you have convinced yourself that everything for which we have given you advice, firstly was very easy to implement and secondly that it was decidedly beneficial for the whole big city.

144,11. We have not deceived you in anything but were always honest with you and have acted in your best interest and have never mentioned to you with only one syllable our own needs.

144,12. Also our plan announced to you already a year ago, to acknowledge and honor God, was in the best interest to all of us; but you have right from the beginning taken exception to it and afterwards have quarreled for a whole year with each other about it, until you finally agreed on it in the most despicable manner.

144,13. But for the execution of your plan we do not know the answer and can therefore give you no advice how to go about it.

144,14. Do thus what you think is right; in your midst we have finished speaking and completed our service to you! We thus leave you now and require no reward from you, so that you can recognize that we have always been concerned about your welfare.

144,15. But who wants to come with us, should do so, before it is too late!"

144,16. Thereupon the two left the large council chamber, took their servants and went back to the heights.

144,17. But what then was accomplished in Hanoch, the following will show.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-144 Chapter