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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-145 Chapter

Chapter 145

145,1. When the two arrived back on the heights, they told the still living Lamech, Noha and his brother Mahal, everything they experienced in the depths, and at the same time also asked them if about three years ago, no one from the depths has arrived here and settled here.

145,2. And the old Lamech replied: "My beloved children, the question will be answered soon; for as far our several day’s travel district reaches on these outstretched heights, no one showed up! This serves you as a most truthful answer to your question!

145,3. But an even greater consideration deserves your preamble; because from that it is clear that all the people of the depths within a short time will either pass into idolatry or it will surrender to complete godlessness.

145,4. O Lord and Father, give us here, your weak children, advice on what to do, to bring the people back on the right path!"

145,5. And the Lord said at once, so that all could hear Him at the same: "Go to the midday area! There are still living one hundred and seven families scattered; they are descendants of the seven which I have once send down to Hanoch during the times of Lamech, to preach repentance to the lost city.

145,6. Among these families you will find ten young, strong men who are not yet married; you Lamech, lay your hands on them in My name and I want to wonderfully endow them with fire power! And wherever they call fire from the earth in the depths, it will come and consume as many as the fire commanders want it to be!

145,7. Thus equipped, they should move to the depths and for seven years preach penance everywhere. If someone will try to arrest them, they should surround themselves with fire, and it will always knock their enemies to the ground and destroy all their weapons.

145,8. If the people have converted during the seven years, they should remain in the depths as priests; but if the people have not converted, they should surround My temples in Hanoch with unextinguishable fire and then move back to the heights! - This shall happen!

145,9. But I will turn away My face from the depths during that time, so that I cannot see what will happen there! Amen!"

145,10. Here the company got up, went at once to the midday area and searched for the ten indicated men.

145,11. When they were found, the old Lamech did immediately to them what the Lord had instructed him and the ten at once tested their fire power and went under multiple blessings to the depths.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-145 Chapter