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Chapter 146

146,1. From the time of return of the two sons of Uraniel until the time of sending the the ten fire-mighty messengers to the depths, about two years have passed, regardless it appearing in the narrative as if the whole event occurred in one day.

146,2. This is said to facilitate the understanding of the whole, because in the spiritual manner of a narrative, often events are told as if taking place in a single day while in earthly time often several years are passing by in between.

146,3. Thus, it often reads in the Scriptures: "And on the same day", while such an event is presented as one day, in outer reality such an event could takes years of activity to take place.

146,4. This for an easier understanding of similar narrative ways of expression!

146,5. But how were our ten messengers received in Hanoch, and how did they encounter after this short time, this city and its people?

146,6. When they approached the gates, they were stopped immediately and strictly judicially questioned about their proof of origin, and if they had no sort of written passport. (Because during that time a stern police force was established in the city of Hanoch.)

146,7. But the messengers said: "We have been sent to your salvation from above, and the Lord God of heaven and earth is our passport!

146,8. We have been sent to you, to preach to you serious, stern repentance - or, if you want to ignore us, send you the inevitable judgment of God which will destroy you from the ground with the fullness of the flood of God's wrath!"

146,9. When the messengers uttered such 'disorderly' words before the laudable gate police-court, it was regarded as complete disobedience; they were immediately declared majesty insulters of the high council, and arrested as obvious agitators and crafty partisans of foreign princes.

146,10. But here the fire power benefited them; for at that moment when the police gate guard tried to seize them, flames came out of the ground and drove the guard to a most shameful escape into town and our messengers proceeded freely into the city.

146,11. However, it was still a little day’s walk from the gate to the golden residence of the thousand councilor who in the meantime have been chosen a puppet king from their midst, but who had no other power than to confirm at all times what the thousand councilors had decided.

146,12. However, since our messengers could not reach the golden castle on the same day, they were forced to stay over in one of the many newly constructed inns and to approach the golden castle only the next day.

146,13. But this stay over was already the beginning of a favorable reception which our messengers later experienced throughout Hanoch; since firstly they have been made notorious in this neighborhood by the fleeing guards with a precise description of their appearance, and secondly, it can be easily imagined with what civility they were welcomed in our guesthouse.

146,14. When they asked for refreshments, the innkeeper and staff fled and when they sought shelter for the night, they found all the doors locked; because it was feared that they would put the whole house on fire. Therefore, they were left alone to rest in the room which they had entered first.

146,15. This was therefore the first reception in the city; but the following will show what happened next.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-146 Chapter