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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-148 Chapter

Chapter 148

148,1. But the ten said to the innkeeper: "Arise, and do not consider us for something that we are not! Because we are neither gods nor fire spirits but we are from the heights and are humans just like you are and have been equipped by God with the power of fire only to your benefit, so that you can recognize us as true messengers of God and that you henceforth should act according to our words.

148,2. If you do that, you will be spared by the impending judgment of God; but if you do not want to act according to our words, you will recognize from our fire power that the wrath of God is already breathing down your neck, - for the fire which obeys us, is equal to the wrath of God!

148,3. Last night we have asked you for supper; why didn’t you gave us anything to eat? Did you believed that we cannot pay you?

148,4. O behold, we have treasures of the heavens of God with us, and with these treasures we would have rewarded you richly!

148,5. But you have locked your larders for us; now we are going to bar you from the treasures of the heavens and you may henceforth see if you will receive something from the treasures which we are determined by God Himself, to distribute abundantly in this city!"

148,6. But the innkeeper said: "But I didn’t know you, and our ignominious state laws require the greatest caution towards strangers, and if neglected the most bitter punishments are set; therefore you have to forgive me if I was compelled by such terrible laws to treat you like that!

148,7. But I want to make up for everything and give you accommodation and will provide you with everything you need in this great city; for now I do not fear any judgement anymore since I have seen your power. Therefore return to my house again and take board and lodging; because my best rooms and my very best foods will be available to you! Just don’t forsake me according to your threat; I therefore beg you, dear men, for the sake of your almighty God!"

148,8. And the messengers said: "God, the Lord, is full of mercy towards every sinner who confesses his sin, detests them and entirely abandons them!

148,9. Thus also we are not irreconcilable; we forgive you your behavior and do not want to withhold the treasures of heaven from you.

148,10. But for the time being we can not stay with you; because we have to go to the masters of this city, who, through shameful laws, cause the people to forget God! These must be converted first!

148,11. Once this is done, we will come back to you and make use of your invitation and bless you!"

148,12. But the innkeeper said: "O, dear men! This city is terribly big; there are several thousand streets and many thousands of homes! How will you ever find this street and this my inn again?"

148,13. But the messenger said: "Do not worry about that; because the same way you find your street and your house, we also will find it! For God is our guide and He knows your house quite well and also the street where it is standing!"

148,14. With these words, the ten left their blessing in the guesthouse behind and then walked towards the centre of town and within half a day arrived at the golden castle which was built by Uraniel.

148,15. Entering, however, was out of the question; time at once; for everything was blocked and barricaded and manned by sharp archers.

148,16. But the said Lord to the messengers: "Do not get too close to the bulwarks, and stay here until I will pave the way for you!”

148,17. Here the messengers stopped and soon powerful flames came out the bulwarks and consumed everything: Blockade, weapons and also people who did not fled quickly enough.

148,18. And this was then the third fire miracle in the city Hanoch.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-148 Chapter