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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-149 Chapter

Chapter 149

149,1. When the way into the golden castle was paved in this most miraculous manner the Lord spoke again to the messenger: “You can now move forward!

149,2. However, do not coerce anyone to convert by force but preach righteous repentance and preach in My Name! Demand the opening of the two temples and warn the councilors emphatically about the picture- and idolatry service and sharply preach My imminent judgement! This is all what you have to do here.

149,3. If the court will listen, then stay here as priests, as I have told you on the heights; but if the court will only pretend to listen to your words, then reproach them strictly for their hypocrisy, but withdraw from the court immediately and go to the squares and streets and publicly preach serious repentance and My name!

149,4. Do not fear the weapons of the powerless; for I'm going to destroy them before anyone can pick them up with deadly greed against you!

149,5. And thus preach for three years in the city! If you will be scoffed there, leave the city and preach to the country folks for four years! If any group of people want to return to Me entirely, then let them move onto the heights, and I will take care of them and give to them everything they need in this world to live.

149,6. But wherever the people will not repent, leave them at once and move to another village!

149,7. Stay only for four years in the countryside; and if I'm going to call you, then return immediately to the heights without looking back!

149,8. Now you know what you have to do and thus move in My name into the castle! Amen."

149,9. Here our messenger began to continue their journey and went at once into the golden castle and in it came into a tremendously large hall where the thousand councilors with their puppet-king in their midst gathered for a quite important meeting.

149,10. They were just busy discussing among themselves how they could rid themselves of those ten fire monsters.

149,11. But when they were just busy to work on a very hideous hypocritical measure whereby they decided to outwardly pretend to listen with great devotion to their words, but on the inside to nevertheless leave no stone unturned to bring the fire messengers out of the city, - suddenly, to the horror of all the thousand councilors and their puppet-king, the ten entered the council chamber and said:

149,12. "Peace be with you. According to your plan you will never be able to get us out of the city; but when our time has passed, we will be anyway leaving this city to your demise, - but not because of your wickedness, but according to the will of Him who sent us to you!

149,13. Understand such in advance and be prepared for the message which we will bring you from God, the almighty Lord! - Therefore open your ears, and listen to us! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-149 Chapter