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Chapter 15

15,1. And when Kisehel heard such call, he got up and went quickly and full of meekness to the Lord.

15,2. But when he was close to the Lord, and thus wanted to voice his concerns through questions, with the supposed intention that he should bring his concerns through numerous questions to the Lord like Uranion had done, the Lord indicated to him to keep still and said inwardly very secretly to him:

15,3. »Kisehel, go and take Lamech and Enoch with you; for what is bothering you, until now does not bothers anyone else! Therefore it is not necessary that your concern should be known to all.

15,4. But you three I will nevertheless solve your node - but not here, but out there, because no one should see us! And so we leave on a short time the company here! Sage but previously the fathers that no one must ask ourselves where we go now! "

15,5. And Kisehel immediately did everything what the Lord had commanded him to do.

15,6. When everything had been put in order, the Lord together with the three went outside to a place surrounded by trees and which also was delimited towards midnight by a rugged cliff wall containing a large cave, thus like the well-known place, where, to Enoch and the messengers, when walking home from the depths to the heights, the dragon appeared.

15,7. When they arrived at this point, the Lord said to Kisehel: "Behold, I have been badly accused by my great adversary in front of you! If I would apologize to you without the prosecutor, secretly by yourself you still would think and say: ‘It may well be so, and in fact it will therefore be more likely to be as the Lord has revealed it to us; in spite thereof the claim of the dragon remains nevertheless very strange, and his confession should by no means be disregarded entirely!'

15,8. Therefore I brought you here and we want to settle this matter in the full presence of the dragon!"

15,9. After that the Lord forcefully called out so that the whole globe began to rumble and shudder.

15,10. And the call said: "Satana. Your God and eternal Lord wants you to come here before Him!"

15,11. Immediately after this almighty call, which almost cost the whole of creation its life, the dragon appeared, mightily trembling of rage, before the almighty Lord of all eternities and asked the Lord:

15,12. "What do You, my eternal tormentor, want from me? Should I help You, so that You more easily could turn all of Your creation more easily into nothingness again? Or do You perchance plan a new creation again, for which I should choose a suitable location?

15,13. Let me tell You, You will never ever get me; for I know Your great fickleness and know that You have no steadiness, and that all Your promises are nothing but empty, untenable words. Therefore, I have also firmly decided to rebel against You and pursue You forever!

15,14. Verily, even if You are a God, dominating the whole of infinity, it will forever not be possible for You, to hide precautiously somewhere in a corner of infinity so that I can not find You! You will not get away from me!

15,15. Threaten me as much as You like and want to; soon it will show anyway, who of us is the real Lord of all the worlds and all creatures!

15,16. Before You can force me to anything, I swear to You by all my life, I will destroy myself and You will see what will become of Your eternal existence!

15,17. Do You understand me, You old world swindler - You player of omnipotence on my account! Do You understand me?!

15,18. You came here to instruct me to take back what I formerly have told those three in good faith! Oh, there You can wait pretty long until I will devote myself to become more of a shameful tool for You!

15,19. There, - pierce with all Your almightiness this my armor if you can and want to!

15,20. But I swear to you: Not I, but my weakest servants will capture You, gag You and as an old criminal will nail You to the wood, from where you shall cry for help in vain forever! Do You understand that?!

15,21. I now have made my promise to you; but if you still want something more from me, speak and it shall be what you do not want! Amen from me, Your Lord! Understand me: Amen out of me! "

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-15 Chapter