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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-150 Chapter

Chapter 150

150,1. But one of the thousand council members rose and walked up to the ten, bowed according to the court’s custom before them and said:

150,2. "Mighty emissaries probably from an unknown prince and lord of all fire-breathing mountains, of which there are a large number around us! Come closer, yes go to our centre and relieve yourself of your mission to us; for behold, the room is large and we are many! Therefore you have to stand pretty much in the middle of the room, so that we all can hear your certainly respectable speech quite well; for we are great friends of good speeches and also want to obey everything that we recognize as good.

150,3. However, should there be silly stuff among it, you as most likely male beings of a higher kind, will recognize it even better than we are, that we can not accept these things, that is, according to our free will.

150,4. Sure, with your terrible power as beings of a higher kind, you can force us; but thereby you have achieved little or nothing and also we have gained nothing by your extraordinary mission!

150,5. And thus be so kind to present your speech there in the middle; since we all, including the king, have predisposed our ears to your words, and expect from such extraordinary beings as you are, with the fullest right something extraordinary!"

150,6. Following the wish of the councilors, the ten walked to the center of the council and one of them spoke on behalf of all ten the following words to the entire high council, by saying:

150,7. "Friends and brothers, if you think back to your fathers, you must confess that they are all in all descendants of Adam and were actually children of God during the days when Lamech, a contemporary of the still living Lamech from the heights, as a blasphemous cruelly ruled the people of the depths in this city!

150,8. To several of you it may not be entirely inadmissible and completely unknown what during the same time the Lord of heaven and earth has done, by firstly destroying some follies of the heights and then to cleanse the depths of all the filth of the ancient, evil serpent which is certainly not entirely unknown to you.

150,9. Furthermore, you will know, how your fathers have left the pure, by God so highly blessed mountains and have moved down to the increasing impure becoming depths, while the still living high priest Lamech of the heights, have sufficiently shown to them how ungrateful, unworthy and mischievous such undertaking is to God, their holy Father.

150,10. But your fathers turned their back on Lamech; lusting after the fine women of the depths, they left in droves, some even leaving their wives and children behind on the heights.

150,11. This is an undeniable fact; you can confirm it with a thousand still living witnesses, if you do not want to believe us!

150,12. But you are now the children of the children of God on the heights, you have made yourself the powerful rulers of the depths without being called by God in the least to do so.

150,13. The rightful king Uraniel you have first seduced, then crushed and killed; his sons you had whipped once, and another time mocked when they tried to remind you about God.

150,14. Instead of the commanded opening of the temple of the Lord, you only have created a miserable city police and have already introduced idolatry on a wide scale and have banned faith in the one true God and have burdened the people with the most despicable taxes.

150,15. Say, and judge for yourself, what reward have you thereby earned from the eternal true God and Lord!

150,16. Speak now, we want to listen to you with all patience; and if you have finished speaking, we then will continue to talk to you! - therefore judge and speak! Amen.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-150 Chapter