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Chapter 152

152,1. "What should we do now?" Was the general mutual question of the councilors, as well as their puppet king.

152,2. But one of the councilors stood up and spoke loudly: "Brothers, listen to me; a terribly clever idea went through my head!

152,3. In the presence of the horror men, you all agreed to challenge them with our mind before putting into work what they have ask of us.

152,4. We thus based our case on the the victory of our minds! Yes, our minds will also prevail over their wisdom! - But how?

152,5. I say to you: The easiest way in the world!

152,6. All of you, like me, surely realize, that our dominion in this world has come to a complete end!

152,7. What is left for us here to do: either wait for the apparent persecution which awaits us from the side of the people, once they have been agitated and incited against us by the ten messengers, against whom we are powerless, or wait for the realization of their threat which was so admirably promised to us by the ten?

152,8. I mean, in this case the one will be as stupid as the other!

152,9. Go and open for the people the two ancient temples and tell them that the worshipping of statues, as introduced by us, has to stop! What will the people then do? - They will ask us about the reason why such is happening now!

152,10. Question, - a very meaningful question: What shall we say then?

152,11. We are not allowed to lie; because the threat of ten warns us against that, by the preservation of our lives.

152,12. We can not just open the temples silently; for the temples have their own secret guards who would ask us in front of the people first, why we did that. And then we must - if we like it or not - come out with the truth and by the loss of our lives we have to say:

152,13. ‘We have you, old inhabitants of this city, cheated by cunningness and violence for the sake of our greediness and despotism and have lied to you about the existence of the only, eternal, true God and Lord and have driven you away from Him by beating you and by using the cruel death penalty!

152,14. But now this your old, true God has found mercy with you in your destitution and has send powerful punishing messengers to us your false leaders and allowed them to punish us with fire power and has forced us to re-open the ancient temples of the true God again and that we must now make up for all the deceit we have caused you!’

152,15. Behold, this is the naked truth; but who among us is going to give this laudable speech to the people?

152,16. If we don’t make it, soon we shall see beautiful flames shooting up from the ground all around us; of this one of the ten has very secretly assured me about.

152,17. But if we make this wonderful presentation, I then would really like not to be an eyewitness of the very prolific stone rain which will be poured out over our great tyranny by the very elastic hands of the people!

152,18. But if we do nothing and stay here in the castle, continuing sitting and discussing, the people will eventually find us and will honor us in a way that we will not know what hit us!

152,19. My advice for all these calamities would thus be: Since for us here obviously no wheat grows anymore, we rather leave everything nice and clean behind us before it is too late!

152,20. The earth is big! We move with our wives and children and with our treasures as many as we need, out - we thereby have apparently triumphed with our minds over these ten wise men -, and are going to look somewhere else on this earth for a place to stay and live there undeterred from similar messengers and let the old God slide!

152,21. What are you saying to this my advice?"

152,22. Several were in agreement; but others felt that leaving could also lead to troubles. Incidentally, they also were of the opinion, that if they did right, the ten would rather protect them from the anger of the people, than to abandon them.

152,23. And so, for three days, the opinions remained divided; but the following will show how this matter has been decided.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-152 Chapter