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Chapter 153

153,1. But the first speaker of the councilors, whose only concern was to take to the heels, did not thought long over the objections of the wanting-to-do-right-doers but was soon ready with the following interjection and said:

153,2. "Do you know what? - Because you regard your intend more advantageous than mine, lets do the following: Those of you who agree with my surely more beneficial advice, take as I am their wives and children and treasures, load everything onto our tame camels and move with me as intellectual winners away from here!

153,3. But those, remaining here, wanting to do the right thing and have a great desire to be welcomed by the people with stones, or at least flogged at best and be chased out of the city, can stay here harmonious to their will to await all the torments and can take from the sad consequences a lesson:

153,4. ‘It would have been better to have escaped unscathed with the victorious honor of the mind, than being chased off with a stoned or at least beaten back and under multiple shame, derision, mockery and malediction!’

153,5. But I'm the first to go! Who wants to follow me, should come with me; but he who does not, should do what he regards more salvific and better!"

153,6. Here, six hundred and fifty got up and said: "We will follow your advice; however, should we get into trouble at the gates, through which we will leave, then see to it that your so assured victory doesn’t come off badly!"

153,7. Here, the group who wanted to leave, left, went to their dwellings, took their wives, children and treasures, loaded the camels and still the same day took to the road.

153,8. And many people gathered in the streets and were not a little surprised about this caravan of its otherwise so stern lords. Nobody knew the meaning of it and everyone was full of frightful anticipation of what would come of it.

153,9. But some said: "This is weird! The lords with their wives, children and all kind of luggage and no guarding soldiers, are moving out! What is the meaning of this?

153,10. Because it does not look like a casual stroll, even less like a country visit; for on such occasions legions of soldiers would accompany them!"

153,11. In short, the people were crisscrossing themselves with questions! It ran into the street offices and asked; but also they were not able to give the people an answer.

153,12. And thus our councilors as intellectual winners departed without being stopped in the least; since no one dared to ask them where they were going.

153,13. Their direction, however, took them to today's Egypt and they settled in the upper part of this country, in the area of Elephantine, where they built a small town and lived there.

153,14. And these were the first inhabitants of this country.

153,15. The horrors of this country, however, urged them to turn to God again; and so this country soon became rich and powerful.

153,16. But what were the remaining councilors doing? - About that in what follows!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-153 Chapter