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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-154 Chapter

Chapter 154

154,1. But one of the remaining wanting-to-do-good councilors got up on the third day and said to the others:

154,2. "Listen to me, you councilors who, including me, want to do good! Correspondingly to the message which was brought to us by the gate guards, we have seen that our six hundred and fifty brothers migrated without the slightest problem; nothing has hindered their steps and strides.

154,3. We now know that they succeeded with their mind victory; but whether our well-doing will be successful, is not written anywhere! It still remains to be seen whether we will encounter matching the words of our co-councilor?! This is also written nowhere!

154,4. I therefore believe we also should choose to take the safe way out and bravely follow the example of our brethren, than to await the highly questionable outcome of our intended well-doing exercise! It is with no doubt better, to leave as lords than to be driven out as contemptible deceivers of the people!"

154,5. But another rose against the first speaker and said: "Friend, you are talking without considering the favorable circumstance for us, which consists therein that we are now standing before the people in a quite favorable position, being able to unload all the shamefulness and tyrannical arbitrariness in state administration onto our fled brothers and on top of it can turn this to our benefit and can without the slightest demur say that we would have driven the brutes out ourselves by our power of speech, to re-establish the old, divine order, as it had once existed under Lamech!

154,6. And the fatal truth that we have to tell the people, we can now roll without negative consequence and without ill effects onto our departed brothers, and we are then standing before the people only as exceptional benefactors, but not as wicked tyrants who had so outrageously oppressed the people in every way!

154,7. With such effective explanation, the people will only have to cheer us and will certainly not take up stones or rods! The means is now is the most innocent and least harmful of the world, and the purpose is in complete accordance with the will of God; what do we want more? Therefore lets act and everything must go well!"

154,8. And the first speaker replied to him: "For this seemingly beneficial circumstance I wish you a lot of luck and quite extraordinary good weather on top of it; but that I will keep my distance from such your seeming translucent speech to the people, you can have in writing by me on a bronze plaque still today!

154,9. Haven’t you heard what the speaker who left already had said what every liar had to expect from the ten messengers?! But if you want to lie to the people in our favor, - question - have you already talked to the ten and obtained the assurance from them that they will not immediately turn you at such an occasion into a burning torch?

154,10. Were not always only we the most malicious and domineering part?! Did not mainly we introduced idolatry, established the police and determined all the excessive taxes?! And now we want to roll all that onto those who left already and who were always better than us?!

154,11. I congratulate you! Do what you want; but I will go, - and who else?"

154,12. Here another two hundred and fifty got up and moved with wives and children and a lot of servants away.

154,13. They met the ten in one of the streets and were asked: "Where are you going?"

154,14. And they said: "With your permission where the world comes to an end! - We are not allowed to lie, and therefore it is better hooey than phooey for us!”

154,15. And the ten let them go unimpeded and did not turn to look at them anymore.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-154 Chapter