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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-155 Chapter

Chapter 155

155,1. And the Lord said to the ten messengers: "Go now to the still remaining one hundred councilors, listen to them and then present My case to them!

155,2. Give them an ultimatum of seven days and say to them: 'If you do not fulfill the will of the Lord within this time frame, you may follow the example of your predecessors; but if you fulfill the Lord's will, our fist will cover you!"'

155,3. Thus spoke the Lord to the ten and they went in haste towards the still remaining hundred councilors.

155,4. When they saw the ten men of horror, they became so frightened that they were trembling as if standing already on the brink of the eternal abyss.

155,5. But the ten said: "Peace be with you from above! Do not fear us too much; for we are no messengers of misfortune to you, but we are chosen by God to convey to you all His will.

155,6. The purpose of our eternal true mission is your temporal and eternal well-being; therefore we exhort you to do what you recently have heard from us and for this purpose we have set you an ultimatum according to which you have seven days left to contemplate to do or not to do the Lord's word to you!

155,7. If you do not want to comply you can immediately follow your predecessors or your fists and the fists of your colleagues will cover you; but if you will fulfill the word of the Lord you will be covered by our fists!

155,8. Thus is the Lord's will, thus the Lord’s word!

155,9. Fulfill it freely and you shall also be free; if you fulfill it as servants, then also you shall remain servants; fulfill it under coercion and you shall henceforth stay under compulsion like the beasts of the forests and freedom shall never be your lot! However, if you flee, you will remain refugees until the end of time!

155,10. But woe to every liar of you; for who's lying, the Lord will punish with a flaming rod! Amen.

155,11. Here the ten left the councilors again; when they had left, one of the one hundred councilors got up, saying:

155,12. "Friends, brothers! Now we are standing and sitting there firmly boarded up on all sides!

155,13. A seven day deadline! Whatever we are doing, either fists or eternal flight or eternal slavery or constant coercion or even flaming rods will be with us!

155,14. We therefore have nothing else to do than to choose from all the evils offered, the smallest, which in my opinion is apparently to escape! But let us also hear what you think, so that we are united in the best parts!"

155,15. Here the councilors began to deliberate for three days; but the following will show at what resolve they have come at the end.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-155 Chapter