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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-156 Chapter

Chapter 156

156,1. And another of the councilors stood up and said: "Brothers, I believe to have understood the words of the ten more correctly than anyone else and therefore do not think to be wrong, if I declare myself strongly against escape!

156,2. For covering with fists apparently does not imply hitting someone but only to protect someone; but if the ten protect us if we do what is right, why should there escape be considered the only and best alternative?!

156,3. If we are freely doing the right thing, we can rest assured that no hair is harmed on our heads; because the old God who is eternally faithful and full of love and forbearance against those who in penitence, completely return to His holy order, will also not be raining red-hot stones on us, should also we return to His holy order, which He established since eternity, with a repenting and faithful heart!

156,4. Give me the golden keys and I am not afraid to take off with a hundred heralds to loudly announce the opening of the temples everywhere in the city and then in the face of a countless crowd to open the lower temple and the temple on the hill!

156,5. Who of you wants to join me, come; who does not dare to join me, should stay in the name of the Lord at home! But nobody should think about the ignominious escape any longer; for the ten messengers have clearly declared it as a mere punishment!

156,6. But I want to turn back to God again in all seriousness; therefore, I will never run away! I would rather be devoured by the wrath of God’s flames on this very spot here, than to flee only one step from the almighty God who can catch and judge me me anywhere!

156,7. But to You, O God and Lord, I vow and I swear here my full reverse and a lifelong loyalty! From now on I only want to serve You alone and love You with all my strength for the rest of my entire life! Amen.”

156,8. This energetic speech made all other councilors ponder and no one dared to oppose him.

156,9. But he demanded the keys from the councilors and the councilors said: "Do you want to ruin us all?”

156,10. And the speaker replied: “No, that I want and will not do! - But give me the keys and I will take the blame for all of you on me! Yes here I want to make a liar and as the least guilty among you, I will accuse myself as the only guilty before all the people, so that all the punishment comes upon me, and you shall be seen as justified and free! But give me the keys, so that I can save you!"

156,11. Here, the councilors gave the speaker the keys and he took them with great emotion of his heart, and also selected a hundred good speaker from the many court servants and then went and proclaimed in all the streets the opening of ancient temple.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-156 Chapter