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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-157 Chapter

Chapter 157

157,1. The councilor with his one hundred assistants announced valiantly for three days in the whole city, the opening of the temples and sent to this extent other in the city newly recruited speakers to the vast suburbs and let it be known there as well what is taking place in Hanoch.

157,2. All street officers and all gatekeepers were immediately transformed into apostles by him and several well instructed were sent out to the distant provinces to announce to them, that is, the inhabitants of these provinces and especially the vassal princes, the opening of the temples and also commanded them to strictly return to the old God.

157,3. Everywhere it was said that everyone who could make it, should indeed attend the opening of the two temples and to be taught and blessed by the newly present ten miracle working, mighty messengers of God.

157,4. This councilor, despite the fact that he confessed everywhere before the people all the abominations (standing up for most of them) that he ordered to be carried out, - was received with such jubilation and and been carried around on hands in the streets that anything similar was never heard before and there was never any talk of a stoning; for wherever he came he poured oil and the most exquisite balm on the wounded hearts of the inhabitants of the big city.

157,5. Many citizens asked him with the greatest gentleness and love: "But how is that possible, you exalted Lord, that you, for whom formerly every human heart was trembling, have become a salvific, consolation angel of the old God, this holy, eternal one true Allfather? Are you led by your own spirit or the spirit or Jehovah?

157,6. Indeed, there doesn’t exist a more sublime sight than an enemy turning into a friend; but it is even more gripping for everyone, if a persecutor of a good cause, finally becomes a zealous promoter of the same! And this is with you the most spirited case!

157,7. Oh, how happy have we become through you! Verily, you alone should remain our leader and guide!

157,8. But why did about nine hundred lords left the city, now at this so endlessly and for all of us blissful opportunity and are not coming back from any direction?"

157,9. And the councilor said: "Regarding your first question, obviously the spirit of Jehovah is leading me, who was given to me from the mouth of the ten new miracle messengers of God from the heights, whom you will get to know at the opening of the temples.

157,10. But what concerns your second question, the nine hundred lords left the city forever because they were better than me. They owed you less than I; therefore they left to save you the burden.

157,11. But I as your greatest debtor could not leave the city until I would have repaid at least some of the great debt to you! But now I have come to you to redeem all the debt to you; therefore recognize me as such and follow my call."

157,12. But the more our councilor took the blame on himself and apologized for the others, he was accepted with even greater love by the people who carried him on their hands.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-157 Chapter