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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-158 Chapter

Chapter 158

158,1. The seven-day deadline ended and for the eighth day, a Sabbath, the opening of the temple was fixed.

158,2. Thousands and thousands of people of all ages and both sexes gathered on the wide square around the circular atrium.

158,3. The one councilor, called Ohlad, stood for some time at the ready in front of the golden gate of the court; but the ten messengers were not present and did not appear.

158,4. "What is this? Where are the ten wonder messenger? Did something happened to them? Or is the day not right for them?", it was asked to and fro and nobody knew to give the other a proper answer.

158,5. They turned to the councilor Ohlad and asked him likewise.

158,6. But he replied: "My brothers and friends! Patience is the first duty of man; because without it he spoils all that is noble which he has planted!

158,7. God the Lord Himself is of the utmost patience and can wait for a hundred years for us to improve; and if this has not taken place, only then He sends messengers and mighty teachers, who have to bring erring mankind back on the right path again with great patience.

158,8. Once this is accomplished, the Lord withdraws very calmly and patiently His judgment and then again looks for a long time with patience and forbearance at how the people start to gradually forget about Him and turn outwardly to the world and to death.

158,9. Thus it is also our duty to be patient at every opportunity! If it pleases the great God, the ten messengers will be coming; and should they not come at all, we do not want to complain about it, - since not for the sake of the messenger but solely for the sake of the almighty great God, the temples will be opened!

158,10. In addition, I have also given to no-one the fullest assurance that the messengers will most certainly be present at the opening of the temple, but I just said that they would be most likely be present, - which does not guarantee the fullest assurance!

158,11. Therefore, I also will not be waiting for the messengers any longer but will at once carry on with the holy task; for as said: The opening of the temples does not pertain to the messenger but only to God the Lord!"

158,12. With this speech all the people agreed and praised the councilor Ohlad.

158,13. Ohlad now sang a touching paean to Jehovah and inserted the key into the firm lock of the door and was on the verge to turn the key.

158,14. But all of a sudden strong voices shouted: "Wait; it is not yet the right time!"

158,15. Ohlad looked quickly behind him and saw the ten hasten towards him. When he saw them, his heart began to tremble with the highest joy and he said to the people: "Behold, behold, they are coming, the sanctified of God!”

158,16. And the people began to shout and praised God and blessed Ohlad, since they now recognized a completely truthful man in him.

158,17. And the ten meanwhile came to Ohlad and blessed him and put immediately their hands on him.

158,18. When this was done, only then they called on him to turn the key; only now was Ohlad able to open the temple without harm.

158,19. But what further happened at the opening, the following will show.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-158 Chapter