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Chapter 159

159,1. When the door has been opened, the round dome of the temple was suddenly covered with a fiery cloud and thousands of violently cracking and the most powerful thunder exciting flashes bolted down from the same.

159,2. All the people wailed and were mostly stunned by terror and were expecting a terrible judgement.

159,3. Many would liked to have fled but they did not dare; for they were afraid that God would become even angrier.

159,4. Ohlad, however, also mightily impacted, said to the ten: "I have sworn to God the Lord my loyalty! Therefore I do not fear the lightning, and it should pounce down on me denser than the most powerful hail falls from heaven and consume me and the whole earth! It can bend my body to death but never ever my will!

159,5. God, You Almighty! You have awakened me through these Your mighty messengers! My love for You awoke, my spirit has You, o great God, discovered and has learned that You're the only ever truthful, faithful and all powerful; I will then also love You and honor You in the fire of Your anger and Your wrath!

159,6. Cover Your holy temple entirely with fire and I will still continue in my love for You to open your sanctuary and in it praise Your most holy name!"

159,7. When Ohlad had finished this strong salutation, the ten were astonished about his righteous seriousness and one of them said to him:

159,8. "Brother, you have vowed a lot to the Lord, and your words sounded serious and firm willing! But what would you do if the Lord would really put you to the test?

159,9. For behold, our will is strong enough for each other, thus among us people, - but compared to the Lord all people are nothing and a spark of His will can make a whole creation freeze, not mentioning the will of a man like we are!

159,10. Therefore, rather take back your too great earnestness in good time - otherwise it could happen that the Lord wants to probe the tooth of your firm will!”

159,11. These words did not bend the equitable sense of Ohlad in the least; on the contrary, he said to the ten: "You mighty friends of God may be right! If I had vowed my loyalty and love to a person, it could be that that I could be persuaded otherwise; but I have sworn my loyalty to God which means that rather a fiery abyss should swallow me, before I will move only one atom away from my God sanctified intention! - Here is the sacred key! Thus let’s go to the holy door! Amen."

159,12. When Ohlad had barely spoken these words, the whole sky turned dark; hurricanes began to bluster, millions of flashes shot from the glowing billowing clouds and from around the temple suddenly powerful wildly raging flames shot up from the ground.

159,13. All the people were paralyzed with fear and the ten asked Ohlad: "Well, what are you going to do now?"

159,14. But Ohlad said: "My will is not trembling; therefore, forward! For lightning, fire and hurricanes are no barricades to him who truly loves God!

159,15. Even if this body is destroyed, I nevertheless will penetrate the temple with my spirit for the flame in me is stronger than all this horror stuff! Thus forward! Amen!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-159 Chapter