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Chapter 16

16,1. But when the somewhat hot tempered Kisehel heard such sacrilege from the dragon, he ignited and a burning zeal for revenge filled his whole being so that he screamed out loud and said with sharp words:

16,2. "But Lord, God, forever almighty, You holy, most loving Father! How possibly could You listen to such outrage?!

16,3. Give me my strength I had from You in the depth, and I will end this Satan so that it requires all eternities of eternities to tell the story!"

16,4. And the Lord said to Kisehel: "O son of fire and thunder! Does this outrage of the dragon concerns you more than Me since he speaks of you amicably and only wickedly to Me only?!

16,5. Or do you think I can not master this apostate spirit without you? - Oh, do not worry about that; with the quietest breath I can blow him away forever!

16,6. But if I would do such a thing what advantage would be gained by you, and what by Me?!

16,7. Behold, if this dragon could harm or capture Me in any way, he would had done so a long time ago; for he is no longer a youth in my creational realm! But he sees it in himself only too correctly that he for ever can do nothing against Me; therefore he is sharpening his beak and tries to take revenge on Me through words, since the deed will forever remain an absolute impossibility for him!

16,8. Let him therefore carry on speaking what he likes and can; and only if he will have completely finished speaking, only then will I also say something to him.

16,9. Therefore return to your quiet state of mind - and you, Satana, keep talking; because I, your Lord and God, wants it that you totally expose yourself before these witnesses, so that one day you may be recognized by all the world through them!

16,10. But first tell Me how many creations I already have destroyed according to your statement!"

16,11. Here, the dragon was taken aback and did not want to talk.

16,12. But the Lord commanded him to speak.

16,13. And the dragon began to rear up and made a gesture as if to devour all four.

16,14. And the Lord said: "If you do not want to talk to Me, I will force you through My anger!

16,15. But the dragon spit fire but and then bellowed towards the Lord: "What does Your anger means to me!? This I know for a long time already; for I myself am Your anger!

16,16. I do not have to fear You, but you Me, for not coming over you; and if I do this, it will be the end of Your love and You Yourself will have to destroy your children by the millions in the most remorseless manner from the earth and to a few leftover flies You give the first proof of how much You are concerned about the preservation of your creatures!

16,17. Therefore, very wisely stay pretty far from me, otherwise I can not warrant that it might occur to You today, to shroud the earth up over the mountains in a lethal flood, of which You are already always dreaming secretly!"

16,18. Here the Lord said somewhat fiercely: “Satana, do not drive My forbearance and patience too far! Give the answer that I want from you and no other - otherwise you will have to endure punishment!”

16,19. Here the dragon turned around and wanted to hit the four with his powerful tail.

16,20. But the Lord gave Kisehel a stick and said to him: "Go, and chasten him"!

16,21. And Kisehel took the rod and went and struck violently towards the dragon.

16,22. Here, the dragon turned right back again, howled and roared and immediately laid down his hideous figure and could be seen just like the others as a human being. As such he soon fell down before the Lord and said:

16,23. "Lord, You almighty, eternal God! If You then want to punish me, then punish me for my wilful great wickedness against You not without Your love; because the strokes of Your anger are too unbearable burning and endlessly painful!"

16,24. Here, the Lord said: "How can you, My supposed to be lord, beg Me about that?! You yourself have threatened to punish Me; how does it then happened now that you suffered punishment by Me?"

16,25. And Satan said: "O Lord, do not torment me infinitely, for You know that I'm a liar out of myself because I wanted to be a lord without you!

16,26. Rather give me a new deadline and I will turn to You; but take away all of my great power, so that I not get tempted through myself again, to rebel against You!"

16,27. And the Lord said: "Just speak all your lies in front of these witness, and I see what I want to do with you; but do not keep anything in the background, otherwise all your begging will be of little use! Amen. "

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-16 Chapter