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Chapter 160

160,1. Thereupon Ohlad no longer hesitated and walked quickly towards the temple, which began to wrap itself increasingly in the most violent flames.

160,2. When he came near the flames up to ten steps, he was met with such heat that he was no longer able to endure it and the golden keys to the temple were so hot that he could not hold them in his hands any longer.

160,3. He therefore remained standing for a short time and thought by himself while exposed to the constant terrible raging of the hurricanes, the countless flashes and the huge fire:

160,4. "What shall I do now? To get closer to the temple is impossible; because the heat of the flames is too intense. I can hardly hold onto the keys because they have become too hot; how glowing hot will they not become if I get even closer to the unbearable hot and terribly raging flames?!

160,5. But I know now what I will do! Would it be the will of the almighty God to open this His sanctuary, He would not have put such most terrifying obstacles in my way!

160,6. Thus, it is most likely not His will for the temples to be opened! Therefore, I want to do the same as I did it in the council when quite a few oppose my recommendations, namely: I withdraw very modestly and let the temple be opened by whomever likes to do so!

160,7. It would be indeed the greatest folly, when a weak man wanted to take on the power of a giant tiger who is strong enough to tear off the head of a giant bull with lightning speed; but how foolish must a person be to engage in an explicit fight with God the most almighty being from eternity?!

160,8. Oh, no! Oh no! That I will never do; since the fire is hot, - it burns terribly! This element is no match for any human being; therefore I will no longer say: 'Only forward!', but very modestly: 'Back off, - and this as swift as possible!'"

160,9. With that Ohlad thus turned around and quickly went back where the ten messengers were standing.

160,10. Having reached them he was immediately asked if he had already opened the temple.

160,11. And he replied: "Sublime friends of the Lord, the almighty God! You can do it, who are more closely related to the fire than me; for I already have gone through my school and have very clearly experienced that man should never dare the impossible!

160,12. Here are the still very hot keys! I hand them over to you and thereby my whole office dignity! Do with it what you want; but I will worship God in His power and return back to a common civic life!

160,13. For indeed, if there is such mighty catch to God, one cannot serve Him! I recognize Him now and love Him, - but further I do not want anything to do with him!

160,14. That I wasn’t unwilling to serve Him with the greatest seriousness, I have proved to the whole world, as well as to you; but if He brings such tremendous spectacle to my face which mightily supersedes my strength, I have to retreat and leave this business to everybody else!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-160 Chapter