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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-161 Chapter

Chapter 161

161,1. And one of the ten stood in Ohlad’s way and said to him: "Ohlad, whereto do you want to flee, so that you could hide yourself from God?

161,2. Look at the great firmament, the fiery clouds from which thousands and thousands of lightning are bolting down! Do you know where its end is?

161,3. Don’t you know that God the Lord can follow you for all eternity and that you can hide nowhere from Him?!

161,4. But listen to me further: Through this firestorm the Lord, your God, does not want to let you know that it is not His will that you open His temples, but He wants to indicate to you and all the other people present here and far off, that He is very serious about you!

161,5. He does not want to play with you but either attain you for eternal life or wants to judge you to your doom; for God did not created free-thinking and free willing beings as a dalliance, but has created them because of eternal most highest important reasons and gave them the most wisest free laws which they have to keep, and also has always showed them palpably that these creatures are His children, whom He loves with an infinite eternal love!

161,6. But if this is the case, it is clear, that God through this firestorm only expresses His seriousness, but not His indignation against the opening of the temples!

161,7. Therefore do not lose faith; just do not build too much on it! For behold, the strong of the earth the Lord always proves with His strength, - but the weak, the meek and humble, with His love and gentleness!

161,8. But you have formerly shown to the Lord great strength, to which we gave you a hint; but you meant to continue with your strength seriousness to penetrate before and against God!

161,9. That is why He made you feel a spark of His seriousness, to humble yourself. But you have been totally humiliated now and are thus ripe to open the temple. Thus begin now, accompanied by us, with the most sublime work and nothing is going to prevent you in doing so!

161,10. Behold, - that the Lord does not value a certain haughty power seriousness among the people, but only the modest humility, through which man realizes and confesses before God, that he is nothing before Him, He has shown several times on the heights!

161,11. At one time a certain Abedam from the midday region wanted, according to his own words, go into the fire or walk to the end of the world, out of great love for the Lord!

161,12. And the Lord indicated to him that man should not make too big promises.

161,13. But Abedam insisted, and behold, a persistent fly was enough to bring Abedam in a very short time close to exasperation!

161,14. Thus the Lord only wants humility in people; for even the most righteous haughtiness is an abomination before the Lord!

161,15. Such understand and follow us; and the key will not get hot and the flames will not burn you! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-161 Chapter