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Chapter 163

163,1. Here Ohlad went with the ten towards the gate of the temple, took the key, put it on his chest and said:

163,2. "My God and my Lord! Here I am, a sinful, helpless worm before Your sanctuary. I feel the greatness of my unworthiness to enter this Your sanctuary; but building on your infinite Father love and mercy, I still dare to fulfill what You, o God, Lord and Father, has commanded me to do by the mouth of your anointed messengers!

163,3. But, O Lord, O Father, should my foot be too unworthy to enter into this by You so highly sanctified house, then let me poor sinner only open it and then lie in front of the open door on my face, to love and worship You with all my strength!

163,4. O my God, my Lord, my above all holy Father, - Your most holy will be done now as ever! Amen."

163,5. After this good-hearted salutation Ohlad kissed the key seven times, inserted it and opened the gate.

163,6. But when the door was opened, from all mountains visible from Hanoch, smoke and flames shot up; the earth trembled incessantly; wherever in the big city an idol was erected, devastating flames erupted from the soil of the earth and consumed the picture and did not spare the worshipers of such pictures, irrespective where they were.

163,7. The ninety-nine remaining councilors, including their puppet king, fell into a death dread fever and waited under constant fear and howling their supposed destruction.

163,8. Some bolder ones made to themselves the most bitter accusations that they had not followed the good advice of the first council who had left already.

163,9. All the people of the city, as well as the ten suburbs and the whole vast empire saw nothing but the certain doom of the world. And there was not one soul in the depths that did not trembled before the dreadful things which were expected to impact the whole earth and still worse to come.

163,10. To increase the fear, also the sun through the ever more and more accumulating cloud- and smoke masses of all the thousand burning mountains and hills, was so darkened that the earth had no other light than the appalling from the uninterrupted countless lightening flashes and the even more gruesomely light from the mightiest mountain fires.

163,11. Here and there underground fire powers lifted large stretches of the plains and formed new mountains under the mightiest cracking noise and thunder and all this started when Ohlad had opened the gate of the temple.

163,12. But the desperate people, driven by excessive fear and anxiety, began to take refuge in the court of the temple, and by looking at the overwhelming ghastly sight of devastating world-scenes, they began ignore the continual lightning from the roof of the temple.

163,13. But when soon thousands of fearful people of both sexes filled the courtyard, only then did Ohlad entered the temple because just after opening the temple, he immediately fell down on his face and with the greatest contrition of his heart worshiped God. Together with the ten and with the highest reverence he now went inside the temple and there again he fell on his face before the altar, on which the name Jehovah was placed between the two fiery cherubim, and above it the white cloud pillar, which, as is known, reached up to the ceiling and worshipped the most holiest place for one hour.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-163 Chapter